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Power Ranking the Week....5

Ranking of the Top 5 (best) and Mop 5 (worst) in college football from a completely biased and mostly ignorant perspective. Also, take a look at which teams are copycatting Boise State...including Boise's opponent this week, Southern Miss.

Brett Deering - Getty Images


Top 5




Alabama is ok. Their defense is only allowing an average of 7 points per game. That's all I have to say about that.

Kansas State


This far into the season, most rankings are still using the eyeball test. It’s really pretty impossible to know who’s going to stay on top. K-state just knocked off AP no. 6 Oklahoma, so why not rank them here. They’re undefeated, and will be after the next two weeks with games against rival Kansas and at Iowa State.

Florida State


I was a tad disappointed in FSU this weekend after they only won by 13 against USF. They only scored 30 points, dropping them to a measly 51 points per game on the season. Their next ranked opponent will most likely be Florida at home the last game of the season.

Notre Dame


Notre Dame didn’t play last weekend, and so they sit at 4-0. The Catholics vs. Convicts game is this Saturday as they take on the Miami Hurricanes.



The best scoring defense Oregon has faced is the #67 Fresno State crew. [insert laugh here]. Things may get tougher this weekend as they face the Washington Huskies just a week after struggling in the first half against a painful-to-watch WSU.


Mop 5




West Virginia and Baylor combined for 133 points in just 4 quarters of football. Georgia and Tennessee put up 95. Over 1500 yards of offense in the WVU game.



The Razorbacks were a preseason top 10 team; now they are 1-4, with their only win against FCS Jacksonville State.Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel set a school record against them with 453 yards passing.



(121st in total offense, 121st in total defense) out of 124...The Vandals are once again good at nothing. Except for losing, that is. Hopefully they can bring more money into Idaho by becoming the favorite bodybag game for everyone in the country.



Tulane is the only team in the country averaging less than 4 yards per play (at just 2.90). They are the only team averaging less than 10 points per game (at just 8.0). Yuck.



The all-defeated Minutemen lost to undefeated Ohio(everybody’s favorite BCS buster this year) by 3. They were up by 7 heading into the fourth until they remembered they were Massachusetts...and then promptly gave up 17 points to hand the game over to the Bobcats.


Copycat Boise 5



Just a week after they get beat by Boise, they try one of our tricks against Hawaii, using the alternating stadium color scheme.

West Virginia

Yep, they’re doing the color scheme thing too.

Southern Miss

I’m not sure if this blue field thing was done to prepare for Boise coming to town next week, but Southern Miss, you’re doing it wrong.

West Virginia (x2)

The WVU and Baylor game was eerily similar to the 2007 Boise v. Nevada no-defense game. Only with less overtime, and 2 fewer ostrich legs.

Louisiana Tech

Undefeated and 2 wins over BCS teams, 11 straight regular season wins...Is La Tech trying to become a BCS buster? We’ll see how good they can be in two weeks when they have Texas A&M at home.




Is Alabama overrated? Is La Tech just wishing? Will Southern Miss' blue field give them an advantage over Boise State on Saturday? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.