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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 10-2-12

Chuck Cook -US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

We have an early kickoff this week

I'm using the royal "we" there as the early kickoff will hardly affect me this week and I hope I can say the same for the team. The last time that Boise State had a kickoff this early was back in 2004 against San Jose State in a game that was way closer than it should have been. Set your alarms on Saturday and don't sleep in!

Gabe Linehan out, Geraldo Boldewijn in this week against Southern Miss

That's some of the news from Coach Pete's press conference yesterday. Linehan could be out for a few weeks with something more complicated than just a strained hamstring. Boldewijn is back from his 4 game NCAA suspension. Kevan will have a post later with additional highlights from the press conference.

Boise State's woes against New Mexico did not escape Matt Hinton

And him being an outside observer, I can't fault him for what he sees. I know that we have faith in the players and the staff but anyone who is not a fan just sees a team that is struggling to replace a lot of good players.

UCLA Jim Mora is not a very good guy

He apparently chewed out a sports information director in front of his entire team and then forced him to walk off the field in humiliation for letting a TV camera man stand in the wrong place. Part of a whole "us against them" attitude because the sports information staff has been sending out press releases like "UCLA hasn't won in Boulder in 50 years" and reminding everyone that UCLA has not been good in awhile. I'm sure UCLA fans are happy to have More and not Coach Pete!