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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 10-16-12

Otto Kitsinger III - Getty Images

Best black helmets ever?

That's what Dr. Saturday's Graham Watson says about them. And although reception of the black out has been mixed, I think the majority of Boise State fans can respect the black helmets. Too bad we can't pair those with a different jersey down the line.

Interesting article on LDS missionary requirements and recruiting

Recently the LDS church changed their requirements for male missionaries. Previously a male had to be 19 before going on their mission. Now the requirement has been lowered to 18. This benefits the schools recruiting those players as now they can go on their mission right away instead of spending a year on campus.

Idaho AD Rob Spear says he has 11 games scheduled for next year

He made the comment in his comments to the press after Idaho got killed by Texas State. This is part of their plan to go independent next year. He's hoping to lock up the 12th game this week so he can announce the schedule soon. Should be interesting.