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Three stars and one goat of Boise State's win over Fresno State

Naming Three Stars is a hockey tradition that over the past few years has become a Bronco tradition. More info here if you are interested.

Otto Kitsinger III - Getty Images

The Boise State Broncos cruised to another victory on Saturday afternoon, led by Demarcus Lawrence and an impressive defensive performance. A 20-10 victory over "rival" Fresno State helped improve the Bronco's record to 5-1. Derek Carr finally gets to take down his Boise State flag, but not because of a victory over the Broncos. Let the grown man tears ensue.

On to the stars!

Star No. 3: D.J. Harper

Many of you are likely outraged that D.J. didn't make the top two. To that I say: so am I. D.J. had another phenomenal offensive performance. Freshman Running Back Jay Ajayi has literally bulldozed his way toward the top of the depth chart, but D.J. showed on Saturday why Ajayi won't be taking over as the No. 1.

Harper broke 100 yards rushing for the third time this season on Saturday, ending the day with 122 yards on the ground. The most impressive of which came on 28 yard run that resulted in Harper literally spinning his way to the corner of the endzone on arguably his best run of the season.

Just when it seems like three dive plays up the middle aren't doing anything, D.J. Harper goes off and makes Robert Prince look like an Offensive Coordinator. Harper's numbers from Saturday are as follows:

21 ATT., 122 YDS., 5.8 AVG., 28 LNG., 1 TD.

Ajayi ended at nearly 100 yards as well, and it was evident that the Bronco's running game is indeed intact. D.J. once again took the bulk of the carries, which was good since most of our receivers decided to take the day off.

Congratulations, D.J., on being Star No. 3 of Boise State's win over Fresno State.

Star No. 2: J.C. Percy

It is no secret that the strength of this year's team is the defense. It is also no secret that said defense is led by senior J.C. Percy. The Bronco's defense was impressive on Saturday, once again winning the turnover game 2-1. Percy was the captain of the ship, wreaking havoc on the Bulldog offense all afternoon.

7 SOLO., 7 AST., 14 TOT.

J.C. Percy ended the day with 14 tackles, seven of which were all lone ranger. His presence this season in the middle is exactly what a young defensive front needs. He leads by example and is able to read the quarterback with the best of them. He has a nose for the ball and brings the hammer when he makes contact.

Younger guys are no doubt learning from his talent and leadership and our defense will be better because of Percy for years to come.

Congratulations, J.C., on being Star No. 2 of Boise State's win over Fresno State.

Star No. 1: Demarcus Lawrence

Opposition simply can not prepare for Demarcus Lawrence. The man is an absolute beast. Fresno tried to prepare for Lawrence, but failed miserably. In Fresno's defense, Lawrence is a tough guy to prepare for. Standing at 6'3" tall and weighing in at 242 lbs, Lawrence is not a typical Defensive End. To give you some perspective, Lawrence is nearly identical in size to Tight End Chandler Koch. He is about 50lbs heavier than safety Lee Hightower, and could likely play his position with a little bit of work.

Lawrence is so fast, and so strong, that offensive lineman simply can not keep him away from the quarterback. Lawrence's presence on the end is one of the reasons why BSU has only allowed one passing touchdown through six games. Quarterbacks do not have enough time to sit in the pocket and throw. Demarcus Lawrence takes what Demarcus Lawrence wants. And Demarcus Lawrence wants to Hulk Smash any QB he encounters. He ended the day as follows:

2 SOLO., 3 AST., 5 TOT., 2.0 -16 SACKS-YDS., 1 FF.

Impressive numbers. But Lawrence is just getting comfortable. Demarcus will be around for two more seasons, and will likely follow in the footsteps of his predecessors, joining an NFL squad in 2015.

The Broncos were the recipients of a massive momentum shift when Lawrence chased down Derek Carr and forced a fumble that led to an eventual BSU score.

UNLV offense be warned: Demarcus Lawrence is a beast on a normal day, but imagine what happens when he dawns an all black uniform.

Congratulations, Demarcus, on being Star No. 1 of Boise State's win over Fresno State.

Before we jump to the goat, take a look at all the highlights from yesterday's 20-10 victory.

The Goat: Bronco Stadium "Sound System"

For those of you that have not been able to attend a game at Bronco Stadium this year, consider yourself lucky. Well, I guess not lucky per se, but lucky that you haven't had to experience the Bronco Stadium "Sound System".

Sure there were plenty of other goats that I could have chosen. Derek Carr wasn't exactly spectacular. We missed another field goal. Matt Miller only caught one pass. We suck in the red zone. Take your pick. But this sound system thing has been eating at me more and more every game. I've reached my breaking point.

The system actually consists of a few large speakers that look like something a high school DJ might use inside a gymnasium. In a gymnasium they probably sound great. In a giant stadium full of 35k+ screaming fans, not so much.

Not only is everything they say over the speakers completely inaudible, but what's up with the lack of sound effects? A few years ago we had someone adding sound effects on third down, or playing "Teach Me How To Dougie" when Doug Martin was being Doug Martin. This year - nothing. Granted Doug is gone, but couldn't we at least play Beez in the Trap when Lawrence gets a sack? Anything would be better than what we have now. I know there are plans to upgrade next year when the football complex is done, but it's an absolute train wreck in the interim.

Your Turn

Who were your stars, and who was your goat? Those of you who watched at home may have seen a goat that I missed, so clue me in. Anyone else stoked for the black out? Sound off!