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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 10-11-12

Brian Losness-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Coaches getting more confidence Ajayi and Fields

Freshman running backs Jay Ajayi and Jack Fields have a ton of potential, but coaches have been reluctant to put them in situations with too much pressure. Running backs coach Keith Bhonapha talks about how that is changing. D.J. Harper will still get the majority of carries in crunch time, but now the coaches are feeling more confident giving him breaks earlier with Ajayi and Fields and saving Harper for later in the game. All good news to me.

Stewart Mandel talks about Boise State's shot at a BCS game

He thinks the only two chances at a non AQ team making a BCS game is Louisiana Tech and Boise State with Ohio too far down. Louisiana Tech's hopes will hinge on their game against Texas A&M this weekend because after that is a slate of WAC awfulness.

ICYMI, NCAA upholds scholarship reductions penalty for Boise State

This broke yesterday. The NCAA Committee on Infractions has decided to uphold the scholarship reductions of 3 over the next 3 years. This was odd since the appeals committee had ruled earlier that the penalty was "excessive" and an "abuse of discretion" and sent it back tot he Committee on Infractions to be reconsidered. Boise State has decided to accept the NCAA's ruling even if it lack logic.

Shea McClellin receives $38k dinner bill

He went to dinner with teammates in Chicago and he and fellow rookie Aston Whiteside were handed the bill. It said for $38,091.91 but you'll notice in the picture of the check that there is a line item for 3 Bear's dinners at $9,999 a piece. So the whole bill was only around $8k instead. Wait a second...