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The Bronco Fans' Week 7 Rooting Guide

Bradley Leeb-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

I know what you're saying. "Welcome back, sporadic rooting guide that brightens my weekend when written!" And thank goodness, too. A rooting guide is especially needed on weeks when we want to see teams like Ohio lose more than Ohio State.

Never fear, Bronco fans, that guide is here. There are a full slate of games that matter to the Boise State Broncos success should they win out for a coveted BC$ bowl.

Week 7 TV schedule


  • Boise State's scheduled opponents need to win to boost national perception and strength of schedule.
  • Teams ranked ahead of Boise State in the BCS up to rank 16 need to lose, as well as the highest ranked "Big 6" team (currently, the Big Ten, Big East, and ACC).
  • The opponents of the teams Boise State plays need to win (when they are not playing Boise State's opponents). Computers understand this. Humans freak out when Washington beats Stanford who beats USC and they rank completely opposite that.
  • Because out of conference football games are scheduled years in advance, it is important to track how well our future opponents and remaining Big East members do.
  • Anyone who plays Idaho.

Special note: We're a few days away from the official BCS standings, but SB Nation's has simulated BCS standings which have calculated all computer polls, the Harris, and Coaches polls already. These rankings will be used in this article.

Games of the Week

27 Michigan State vs. Iowa - Saturday 10am on ESPN

Who to cheer for: Michigan State .. for now.

Yes, Michigan State is by far the head of the Big Ten (minus sanctioned Tohio State), so an eventual loss by them would be significant should Boise be ranked just outside the top 14 at the end of the year. However, there are still more chances for them to be defeated -- and let's be serious: They're playing Iowa. If we put all our hopes in every upset, we'd be very .. upset.

Akron @ 29 Ohio - Saturday Noon on ESPN3 (or an illegal internet stream)

Who to cheer for: Akron

Ohio of the MAC is already bowl eligible and undefeated, with Kent State as their only opponent left with less than 3 losses. It would be nice if Miami (OH) would be the lone team to beat them, but let's not leave it up to them to shoulder that burden.

BYU vs. 9 Oregon St - Saturday 1:30pm on ABC (check coverage)

Who to cheer for: BYU

Ugh. BYU's chances for going undefeated the rest of the season got darker when Pocatello's Taysom Hill (sorry, I live here.. have to plug it) is out for the season with "multiple leg injuries". Good news: Oregon State has only been playing good, not great. The bad news: 1) Oregon State 2) Notre Dame 3) Riley Nelson...

23 Texas A&M @ 25 Louisiana Tech - Saturday 7pm on ESPNU

Who to cheer for: Texas A&M .. for now.

Yes, A&M is more of an immediate threat in the rankings, but the rest of La Tech's schedule is the WAC, with the only real contender being Utah State. A&M will be beaten later.

Our opponents' schedules at a glance

Cheer for teams in bold. Ranking is based on the simulated BCS standings. All times are in MT.

  • Miami OH @ Bowling Green - Saturday 1:30pm on ESPN3
  • New Mexico @ Hawaii - Saturday 10pm on Root Sports Network*
    New Mexico is trending and could win out.
  • Southern Miss @ UCF - Saturday 6pm on CBSSN
  • 47 Fresno St @ 22 Boise State 1:30pm on NBCSN
    Listed to show Fresno's BCS rank.
  • UNLV vs Nevada - Saturday 1pm - local only
  • Wyoming vs Air Force - Saturday 5pm on Root Sports Network*
  • San Diego State v Colorado State - Saturday 4:30pm - local only

* Beware FCS teams trolling your broadcasts.

Other important games to follow

Thursday night games

  • UTEP @ 47 Tulsa - 6pm on FSN
  • 28 Arizona St @ Colorado - 7pm on ESPN

Saturday morning games

  • 18 Louisville @ Pittsburgh - 9am on ESPNU
  • 7 Kansas State @ 21 Iowa St - 10am on FX
    Dropping out the Big 12 one team at a time.
  • 13 Texas vs 14 Oklahoma - 10am on ABC
    Pick 'em.
  • Syracuse @ 19 Rutgers - 10am on Big East Network (apparently one exists)
  • 34 Northwestern @ Minnesota - 10am on ESPN2
    Only 1 loss and Minnesota doesn't have single rankings, not even in the computers. Good times.

Saturday afternoon games

  • 1 Alabama @ Missouri - 1:30pm on CBS
  • 4 West Virginia @ 24 Texas Tech - 1:30pm ABC/ESPN (check coverage)
  • 12 Stanford @ 7 Notre Dame - 1.30p on NBC
  • Illinois @ 32 Michigan - 1:30pm ABC/ESPN
  • Utah State @ San Jose State - 2pm on Altitude/ESPN3
  • Boston College @ 15 Florida State - 3:30p on ESPN2
    Florida State is the top ranked ACC team at 15. They're followed closely by 17 Clemson who is on a bye.
  • 5 Florida @ Vanderbilt - 4pm on ESPNU

Saturday evening games

  • 11 USC @ 31 Washington - 5pm on FOX
    USC can have the top 13, the Washington threat must be abolished. Sorry Justin Wilcox.
  • Fordham @ 20 Cincy - 5pm on ESPN3
  • 26 TCU @ 30 Baylor - 5pm FSN
    You could call this a Pick 'em selection, but with Paschall out getting seriously needed help (making the smart move to keep me from making anymroe jokes about him), TCU is bound to lose a few more games this season. It would be an upset if TCU beat Baylor, so we'll cheer for the frogs.
  • Idaho @ Texas State - 5pm on Altitude
  • 3 South Carolina @ 8 LSU - 6pm on ESPN
    Other than the slim chance of getting Boise State to a BCS game this year, the other thing I would like to see if 4-5 undefeated teams and several BCS "title" game snubs. More than 4 would be great to d more weight for a more-than-4 miniature playoff.
  • Tennessee @ 16 Mississippi State - 7pm on ESPN2

Keeping tabs

Boise State's opponents

Boise State's SOS is going down the tubes right now. The winning percentage of Boise State's schedule dropped to 39% over the past two weeks. However, our future Big East conference foes are doing well, with a 56% win percentage (before they start destroying each other) and is most certainly doing better than the Big Ten this year -- and quite possibly the ACC as well.

Opponents' opponents

The computers are still smiling as the 2nd tier of Boise State's opponents (teams that play teams we've played) have a win percentage of 59%.

An unrelated note

Remember the good ole days when you wanted everyone else in your conference to suck and lose to every other team in the nation? This is what we get with subjective polling and SOS. Oh, well. At least we have an excuse to (sometimes) write and read a rooting guide! Thanks, CFB lords and masters..?