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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 10-10-12

Gregory Shamus - Getty Images

Jimmy Lake happy with turnover production, but says there could have been more

Boise State has created 17 turnovers on the season, good for second tied with Oregon and UCLA with Fresno State being no. 1 with 18. Lake says he's been very happy with the defense but mentions that they've left some out there on the field. I like his mentality and it will be interesting to see how this week's game goes against Fresno.

Fresno State hoping new coach Tim DeRuyter has the key to beat Boise State

Pat Hill sure couldn't get it done. Fresno linebacker Patrick Su'a chimes in at the end of the article saying he's sick of hearing about the past and that the 2012 Bulldogs are here. He's true, but I still enjoyed the article chronicling Boise State's dominance of Fresno over the past 6 years. Hopefully that trend continues.

WAC adds Utah Valley and Cal State Bakersfield

They will not be participating in football. This would bring the WAC count up to six including Idaho, New Mexico State, Seattle and Denver and would allow the WAC to keep their NCAA basketball automatic bid for the next two years. WAC commissioner Jeff Hurd did say that he's not sure if Idaho will stick around. Idaho has been in negotiations with the Big Sky to move all their non football sports there. One perk to having your conference deserted? You get to collect all the penalty fees from those schools. Idaho and New Mexico State are in line to make good money for the next year or two.

The Dash mentions the cow

The picture of the cow that the Boise State equipment truck hit en route to Hattiesburg went viral last week. Now Pat Forde mentions it but alongside Boise State's dominating performance against Southern Miss. The bus rolls on.

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to reader Broncochick who celebrates today!