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Boise State Game Balls vs. New Mexico

Check out which Boise players deserve game balls for their performance vs. the New Mexico Lobos.

Well, that was a little too close for comfort. To me, it felt like that time BSU eeked out a 3 point win over SJSU in 2006. Either that, or it was early and I was tired and hadn't quite woken up yet. The offense played pretty solidly on Saturday. The defense struggled a bit. And special teams was especially bad. Yet we still won the game and it's on to next week.

Game Ball for Offensive Performance: Joe Southwick


Yeah, yeah, he missed a pass or two. But the rest of the night Joe was spot on. He completed over 70% of his passes (even after a few key drops) for 311 yards and three touchdowns. That's a solid afternoon no matter how you look at it. Most importantly, he was clutch late in the game allowing Boise State to pick up some key first downs to hold onto the win.

Game Ball for Offensive Breakout: Jay Ajayi


Am I the only one who still didn't know how to pronounce his last name until after this game? On his first carry of the game (and just the second of his career), the redshirt freshman took it 71 yards downfield. Then he capped off the drive with a touchdown. He finished the day with only 6 carries for 118 yards (just shy of 20 yards per carry).

Game Ball for Senior Production: D.J. Harper


Harper once again was solid. He ran the ball 19 times for 98 yards and also caught two passes for another 27 yards. He's a stellar runner in a stable that keeps getting more loaded.

Game Ball for Stickum Hands: Matt Miller


Matt Miller once again was the go-to receiver for Joe Southwick. He's got 25 receptions on the year already through just four games. On Saturday, he had 68 yards on 9 catches. But, most importantly, he caught his first touchdown reception of the year and was in position for another.

Game Ball for The End: Tommy Smith


He made two key plays to end the game. The senior linebacker made a big-time tackle-for-loss on 3rd and 3 and then on fourth down, he batted down a ball to (sort of) end the game.


Who did I miss? Should I have given a game ball to the Bronco safeties, who made tackle after tackle and a few big hits in the game? Should Shane Williams-Rhodes have received one for his ability to turn on a dime? Let everyone know your thoughts in the comments.