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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 10-1-12

Otto Kitsinger III - Getty Images

Boise State drops out of AP Top 25 but climbs into USA Today poll

It's a crazy world we live in these days. After the unimpressive 32-29 win over New Mexico that was also probably not seen by any voters (I can't even find a picture from the game), Boise State dropped 3 spots to no. 27 in the AP poll but jumped up to no. 25 in the USA Today poll. There is still a high number of undefeated teams and 1 loss teams, so it could be a few more weeks until Boise State starts to rise with only 1 loss.

Video: Cincinnati's game winning catch by Munchie Legeaux

In case you missed it Saturday, check out the catch that Munchie Legeaux made to help Cincinnati beat Virginia Tech and help the Big East look good on Saturday. The Big East currently has 3 undefeated teams with Cincinnati, Rutgers and Louisville who just beat Boise State's next opponent Southern Miss in a very wet game.

Geno Smith had a pretty good day on Saturday

West Virginia beat Baylor 70-63 behind Geno Smith's 656 passing yards and 8 TD's. Some will think about how bad West Virginia's defense was, but what if it was just a crazy scheme by Holgorsen to get more possessions for Smith and more scoring opportunities to boost his stats? Don't put it past him. The Mountaineers take on Texas next week. It will be interesting to see what Harsin's offense can do against West Virginia's defense.


Happy belated birthdays to reader Mikrino and current player Jamar Taylor who both celebrated on Saturday.