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BCS National Championship open thread: Who are you rooting for?

The BCS National Championship game is tonight (6:30 p.m. MT, ESPN), and you'd be excused if you weren't a little misty-eyed thinking of the very near reality of Boise State playing in this game for all the mythical marbles. But life and field goals intervened, and we are left with a rematch of one of the most lauded 9-6 games in football history. The Game of the Century is back, and pretty much the exact same as it was before.

Still, it's college football, and we Bronco fans do love our college football. If you're watching the game tonight, feel free to share your thoughts here in the comments. And if you're still trying to decide who to root for, hit the jump to see some reasons why you might choose the Tide or the Tigers (or none of the above). It's the last college football until August. Enjoy.

Reasons you might cheer for Alabama

  • You love the idea of revenge
  • You root for chaos in the BCS, and nothing says chaos quite like a consensus national champion losing to a team it has already beat and not getting the national championship
  • You really enjoyed Nick Saban's acting in Blindside and thought he deserved more recognition
  • You are a Trent Richardson fan / Trent Richardson family
  • You think the state of Louisiana has too much going for it what with the New Orleans Saints and all

Reasons you might cheer for LSU

  • You feel like the Tigers are the best team in college football and deserve to be rewarded with the BCS National Championship
  • You thought LSU already beat Alabama once and are kind of confused at this point as to why they're playing again
  • You like honey badgers / are a honey badger
  • Nick Saban gives you the creeps
  • You like the underdog (seriously, LSU is an underdog?!)

Reasons you might skip the game and watch How I Met Your Mother


  • You don't have cable
  • You already saw this game two months ago
  • Boise State isn't playing

Your turn

Who are you rooting for tonight in the BCS National Championship game? Or are you even going to bother watching? Share your thoughts in the comments.