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With Brent Pease to the SEC, how will Bronco offense fare with Robert Prince?


(image via Idaho Press-Tribune)

Change can be exciting and positive and refreshing. It can also give you an eight-month sweat ulcer. Brent Pease turned the newness of the 2012 Boise State football season up to 11 when he decided to bolt the Broncos for an offensive coordinator spot in the SEC, leaving BSU with its third OC in three seasons and leaving presumed replacement Robert Prince with an emptier cupboard than the Broncos have had in years. Now Bronco Nation has a new question to add to its glossary of questions: How will Robert Prince do as Boise State's new offensive coordinator?

First, a Robert Prince primer is in order. For those of you who didn't begin Internet stalking the Bronco program until the Kellen Moore era, Prince's name is a new one. Here's his resume.

So Robert Prince knows his wide receivers, and he knows his way around an offense. And most importantly, Chris Petersen likes him. While Prince may be an unknown to Bronco fans, he is trusted by Petersen, and that should speak volumes about RP's ability to step in as coordinator.

The Bronco offense was going to change in subtle ways anyway, with a more mobile quarterback and a skill player group that favors the run game. Might as well get all the change out of the way at once, I guess. Robert Prince's Boise State offense will be different by necessity, if not by design. He'll get more blame than he deserves when things go wrong and less credit than he deserves when things go right. Such is the life of a new coordinator for a program who knows nothing but offensive excellence.

Of course, there are still unanswered questions. How is he as a playcaller? How aggressive will he be? How will he bring along a new quarterback? And, perhaps most importantly, how much change can this Bronco program absorb before it takes a toll? We won't have answers until the season kicks off in August. Until then, look forward to change or fear it like the plague. Your call.

Your turn

How do you feel about Boise State's offensive coordinator change? Are you confident with Robert Prince calling the shots? Share your thoughts in the comments.