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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 1-31-12

National Signing Day is tomorrow, folks

Murphy has a rundown of Boise State's current class. One name not on the list is Darien Barrett, a defensive end out of Inglewood, CA. is reporting that he chose Boise State over the weekend, but he won't officially announce his commitment until tomorrow morning.

Stewart Mandel looks at the Boise State recruiting conundrum

I do think that Boise State has seen a bump in recruiting that was marked by this last class of seniors. Starting with those guys, I think Boise State has been recruiting a whole new level of athlete. However, they still aren't 4 and 5 star athletes so it doesn't look like success in recruiting.

Nick Saban reportedly offered Landon Collins' girlfriend a job in his office

Landon Collins is the nation's top rated safety from New Orleans and made headlines when he picked Alabama over LSU on national television against his mother's wishes. Well now Collins' mother is claiming that Saban offered his girlfriend a job in the athletic office. Oh, and the NCAA rules only prohibit this in basketball so Saban is in the clear.

Missouri makes a terrible, terrible rap video to introduce themselves to the SEC

Please don't ever let someone at Boise State attempt to make a music video about the university. If one already exists, let's destroy it please. Think of the children.