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Kellen Moore, Doug Martin, and other Boise State players' Senior Bowl practice wrap-ups

Five Boise State players will compete in Saturday's Senior Bowl (2:00 p.m. MT, NFL Network), and all five have been competing all week long for the attention of NFL scouts and coaches in practice. How did the Broncos fare? Did Kellen Moore grow six inches in the last two days? Is there enough Doug Martin to go around? Find out after the jump.

Kellen Moore's week at Senior Bowl practice

This was not Moore's best week and certainly not as good as the week they ran a House Hunters: International marathon on TLC and he and Julie had the week off. In many ways, though, the criticisms were the same they have always been: Moore doesn't look like an NFL quarterback. For many scouts, he is the toughest evaluation at the Senior Bowl. For others, his size and arm strength are complete dealbreakers.

Moore missed several throws in practice on Tuesday and, depending on whom you ask, was the best QB on the North team on Wednesday. He didn't light the Senior Bowl on fire, but a good showing in Saturday's game and a good stretch the rest of the draft prep run-up can improve his draft stock greatly.

Doug Martin's week at Senior Bowl practice

Football is having a love affair with Doug Martin this week. Scouts and coaches love everything about him, and he has stood out as one of the best players on the field. Boise State beat reporter Chadd Cripe is in Mobile to watch practice (those Statesman coupon inserts make bank, apparently), and here's what Cripe had to say about Martin's Wednesday:

Martin looks like one of the best players on the field at all times. In every drill, he shines. He made three catches in the 1-on-1 passing drills, including two against Shea McClellin. Two of the catches were down the sideline. He also broke a long run in the team session. "That's exactly what I want to show these guys, my versatility as a back," Martin said.

Billy Winn's week at Senior Bowl practice

Winn had a rough Tuesday but a much better Wednesday. As one of the most physically gifted Bronco draft prospects, Winn needs to show effort and fire in drills and scrimmages to allay fears that he takes plays off. Sounds like he did just that on Wednesday. Todd McShay, ESPN's Mel Kiper clone, weighed in on Twitter:


Shea McClellin's week at Senior Bowl practice

McClellin was hoping for a weigh in above 250 pounds, but he came in at 248, which is linebacker size in the NFL. He chose to play inside LB this week, and by most accounts, he did an impressive job for a guy who hasn't played linebacker since high school. It's like riding a bike, except you're in a flash mob and 300-pound people want to kill you.

If only National Football Post writer Wes Bunting were an NFL GM:

I have to tip my hat to Boise State LB Shea McClellin. The guy has done a nice job this week competing in linebacker drills. Plus, he showcases sneaky fluidity when asked to turn and run down the field with running backs and has a good feel finding the football when lined-up inside. Overall, he's a versatile kid who will get looks in both a 34 and 43 scheme and should be able to create pressure from a number of spots at the next level.

George Iloka's week at Senior Bowl practice

Iloka made the play of the day on Tuesday with an interception in 11-on-11 drills, which is nice timing since Iloka had zero interceptions all 2011. His diving pick highlighted a great couple days of practice where he played some free safety, some strong safety, and even lined up in coverage over the slot. Vikings coaches (the North team coaching staff) like him, just like most NFL coaches like range and athleticism and upside.

Your turn

What did you hear about Senior Bowl practices? What will you be watching for on Saturday? Share your thoughts in the comments.