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Boise State's 2012 recruiting class: Jack Fields can run but you can't hide

Texas has become known as a bit of a high school football mecca, so the fact that the Broncos have made steady recruiting inroads there should put a smile on your face. Hopefully the coaching staff will head down to Dillon to take a gander at Tim Riggins and Smash Williams next.

The Houston area has been the most fertile ground for Boise State of late, but the possibly the biggest boon to the 2012 recruiting class was found in the west Texas town that Marty Robbins held so dear—El Paso—the home of a wildly successful running back named Jack Fields.

More details on Jack Fields after the jump ...

Signing Day arrives February 1. Until then, we're running down the full list of verbal commitments so you can impress your friends with your Bronco know-how. More know-how here.

Jack Fields

Jack Fields Jr. - RB

Americas High School, El Paso, TX
Height: 5'10" ... Weight: 200 pounds ... 40 time: 4.53
Rivals: Screen_shot_2012-01-18_at_11
Scout: Screen_shot_2012-01-18_at_11
ESPN: 75

Other offers: New Mexico, New Mexico State, Oregon, Rice, San Diego Sate, Texas A&M, UTEP

Other Boise State players from the area: Texas is a big he's probably closer to our Arizona boys: Justin Jungblut, Ebo Makinde, Kharyee Marshall and Joe Kellogg

Boise State player most likely to be mistaken for: Doug Martin /double fistpump

Future nickname: Jack B. Nimble, Jumpin' Jack Flash, Fields of Gold

Where he fits on the depth chart: RB

With Doug Martin off to hurt safeties in the NFL, depth at running back is a concern once again. Before last season started, it looked like we had an embarrassment of riches in the backfield, but knee injuries to (projected #3) Malcolm Johnson and (projected #4) Jay Ajayi left the cupboard rather bare behind Doug and the geriatric DJ Harper. Something tells me that Jack Fields is stepping into a pretty ideal situation next year...that is...if his ideal situation involves getting plenty of minutes as a true frosh.

Fields will come in already bigger than Doug Martin was as a freshman and Martin was said to possess "muscles on muscles" by the time he stepped on campus. Fields' high school resumé (2,442 yards and 25 TDs in 2011) is also arguably more impressive than the aforementioned hamster, so we could be in for a whirlwind couple of years when Fields hits the...well, field. Of course, what set Doug apart was his commitment to the gym and his drive to succeed...if even one of those was imparted on young Jack, I foresee big things in his future. Frankly, I'd be shocked if he doesn't see the field next year.

Dustin Lapray scouting report:

Runs downhill, but looks as if he may also (perpetually) run uphill as Sisyphus of yore...Inner drive from realms yet unknown to man propel him over and through defenders..The crack of his helmet against the opposition! Methinks a thunder clap I did hear!...Sing, O Muse!