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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 1-24-12

Impressions from the first day at the Senior Bowl

Chadd Cripe is down in Mobile following the 5 five Boise State players who are participating in the game. Weigh ins and measurements were yesterday and Kellen came in at 5 foot 11 inches. How much would 2 inches to push him over 6 foot help his draft position? Doug Martin put on a few more pounds but in a good way while Shea McClellin came in a little lighter than he was hoping. George Iloka was right where he wanted to be while Billy Winn would like to lose a few pounds and some body fat. The game itself will be Saturday at 2 pm.

Report that Navy could announce today move to the Big East in 2015

The Midshipmen had previously indicated that they were planning to join the Big East for football, but had not decided when. Now they are apparently ready to make the announcement that they will make the move in 2015. After the departures of West Virginia, Pittsburgh and Syracuse, this would leave the Big East at 11 teams and one team short of the requirement to have divisions and a championship game.

BCS bowl game attendance down 8% since 2005

Brent McMurphy details how the attendance figures for the 5 BCS bowl games have been slipping. Bill Hancock tries to spin it best he can but the fact is that interest in the exhibition games is waning, even for the most prestigious bowl games out there.

Pre-Snap Read goes to the trouble of listing every school represented in the Super Bowl

No Boise State players this year, but did you know that David Carr was still playing? I had no clue. I thought he had opened up a car dealership with Tim Couch or Akili Smith. Learn something new every day.