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Who's your most anticipated recruit in Boise State's 2012 recruiting class?

Yesterday I recapped Boise State's recruiting haul to date - a class that features some super studs at quarterback, running back, and pretty much everywhere else. There are a boatload of future stars headed Boise State's way. Which one are you most excited about?

There is a poll below, and the comments are open for your answers. Heap those lofty expectations high.

My pick is WR/KR Shane Rhodes, a 5'7" jitterbug who is going to possibly quite literally break someone's ankles during his Boise State career. I'm not talking Tonya Harding ankle breaking but rather the honest-to-goodness video game moves ankle breaking. The kid may fit in Michael Atkinson's shirt pocket, but he can play football. Jeff Choate is going to wish he never left for Washington State.