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Boise State football offseason dates and schedule, so not really an offseason

Football is over. Long live football.

The Boise State football offseason is in full swing, which is to say there is really no offseason. Bronco news and information never sleeps, and neither does the OBNUG content machine. Here are the highlights of what's to come over the next eight months. Plan your lives accordingly.

  • January 21 - East/West Shrine Game
  • January 28 - Senior Bowl
  • February 1 - National Signing Day
  • February 22-28 - NFL combine
  • March TBD - Spring practice starts
  • March TBD - Boise State pro day
  • April TBD - Spring game
  • April 26-28 - NFL Draft
  • July TBD - Mountain West media days
  • August TBD - Fall practice starts
  • August 31 - Boise State @ Michigan State

OBNUG will be on the scene with coverage of all this as well as coverage of things you might not think even needed covered (punter position battle, anyone?). If you have ideas for content or stories that you would like to see or features you would like us to develop, let us know by email or in the comments. We aim to please. The offseason is much more pleasant with you all around.