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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 1-12-12

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Marcel Yates to take a position with Texas A&M

Well this sucks. Yates is the third coach to leave this week following Jeff Choate and Brent Pease out the door. I understand that they need to look out for their careers and I can't fault them all for taking what are probably huge jumps in pay, but you just wish they all weren't leaving at the same time.

Get to know new offensive coordinator Robert Prince

Chadd Cripe has a nice article on Robert Prince with a few new bits of info. One interesting tidbit is that Prince has the distinction of fielding the opening kickoff on the blue turf back in 1986 when he was playing for Humboldt State. As you might know, Boise State won that day 74-0.

NCAA closes Cam Newton loophole

Yesterday the NCAA modified the rule on agents to include third parties such as family members that directly or indirectly market a student for financial gain. Newton's father famously admitted to shopping him to Mississippi State but said that he didn't receive any money. The NCAA at the time ruled they did not have any recourse under their current rules to punish Cam Newton since Newton maintained he had no knowledge of what his father was doing.

Berry Tramel argues that the regular season is the issue in college football, not worth preserving

This was from 2 days ago, but it's a good column that we all know too well. Major conference teams don't play anybody out of conference. Tramel lists some ways to tweak the postseason to return importance to the regular season. Bomani Jones on the other hand sees many bigger issues in college sports besides the BCS and tries to divert attention to the athletes.

Happy Belated Birthday!

Somehow I missed it yesterday, but a happy birthday to current player Josh Borgman. Hope all your birthday wishes came true!