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When is it a good idea for Boise State coaches to leave Boise?


The Broncos are on a streak of three straight coordinators leaving the program in the past three seasons (someone start staking out Pete Kwiatkowski's house, stat) with Brent Pease to Florida being the latest. Chris Petersen's coach factory churns out some pretty sweet talent, and it's no wonder that the success of the Broncos has brought BCS schools around like moths to a blistering blue inferno. It seems like hiring a Boise State coach is never a bad idea for another school.

But when is it a good idea for a Boise State coach to stop coaching in Boise?

The head coaching tales of bigger and better and greener pastures have been well-told. Guys like Dirk Koetter and Dan Hawkins never met expectations when they were hired away from Boise State.

Coordinators are a slightly different story, if only because they are less in the limelight than the head men. Justin Wilcox left Boise State as defensive coordinator after the 2009 season for Tennessee where he lasted two years before taking the Washington DC job this offseason. Bryan Harsin left for Texas last year. Pease will be Florida's new OC next season. In all cases, the jobs that the Boise State coordinators took were prestigious, high-end positions, like taking two steps at a time on the ladder of coaching. If you have head coach aspirations, jobs like the ones Wilcox, Harsin, and Pease have chosen will get you there sooner rather than later.

But then there are guys like Robert Prince and Bob Gregory who both currently serve on Coach Pete's staff and had, at one point, been Bronco coaches before going elsewhere. There is a lot to be said for the quality of coaching life at Boise State. Guys like Gregory have given up better positions elsewhere to return to it. Once you get outside the friendly confines of the Foothills, you can quickly find that BSU is a unique, successful slice of college football nirvana that you won't find elsewhere.

So what's your take? When is it a good idea for a Boise State coach to leave? How good does the job have to be?

My opinion is that it's not about the job. It's about the career. If a Bronco assistant hopes to be a head coach some day, he will have to take the jump elsewhere some time, some place (Coach Pete will be around forever in this scenario). I have no problem with that. But for those who just like coaching for a successful team on a good staff, you can't do much better than Boise State. I wouldn't suggest trying.

Your turn

What do you think about Bronco coaches leaving? Which ones do you think made good decisions? Which ones made bad decisions? Share your thoughts in the comments.