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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 1-11-12

Conference commissioners meet to discuss the future of the BCS

Bill Hancock had a few choice sound bites for the media saying that "all things were discussed" and that 50 to 60 ideas were thrown out but there is no leader in the clubhouse. He also warned that change won't come quickly and it won't play well on twitter. Thanks for the warning, Bill, but nothing the BCS does these days plays well on twitter.

BCS television ratings not good at all

Overall the BCS ratings were down 12% from last year's games. The Orange Bowl featuring Clemson and West Virginia only did a 4.5 which was the lowest rating a BCS game has ever received. The title game drew a 14.0 making it the third lowest rated BCS title game. Some of these ratings could be attributed to ESPN airing all but the Rose Bowl on cable compared to Fox being free TV, but it's still good knowing that the ratings were down.

Brent Pease to become Florida offensive coordinator

It's expected to be announced today. I'm just glad he didn't go to Alabama. I really hate Alabama. Anyways, good luck, Brent, and when can we get an announcement of Robert Prince as the next offensive coordinator?

Rumor: Jeff Choate to leave and join Mike Leach at Washington State?

Well, this is lightly sourced so I wouldn't put too much stock into it at this point, but if it is true, Petersen is going to have even more holes to fill on the coaching staff. With the number of recent assistants that have jumped to better gigs lately, I'm hoping a spot on Petersen's staff is highly coveted.

Spencer Hall on the funeral in New Orleans

Spencer paints a picture to what happened this weekend in New Orleans and how it was the death of something. I just hope it's the death of the BCS and the beginning of a playoff. But his column did capture the same somber mood we all felt Monday night.