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OBNUG Bowl Pick 'Em Final Standings

Pick Em
Pick Em

Have you recovered yet from that terrible display of football last night? I feel like neither team should be celebrating and instead should have to do the walk of shame back to their buses to get back to their schools. If I hear one more reference to "boys" and "men" when talking about SEC football, have got to be kidding me.

Anyways, let's wrap up a bow on college football's version of a postseason and see how everyone did in our bowl pick 'em this year.

Bowl Pick'em Final Top 10

Rank Entry, Owner Points
1 WVUwinsagain12 1, WVUwinsagain12 561
2 moparmccoy, 516
3 bronconation92 1, bronconation92 487
3 Sea to Shining Sea Conf, BoiseStateOffensive 487
5 Moto2.5 1, Moto2.5 479
6 prestonthomson1 1, prestonthomson1 475
7 cowherd cracks me up!, bennyboy6948 474
7 Hightower's Hits, BoiseStateOffensive 474
9 BuhlTribe 1, BuhlTribe 468
9 craig james & the hookers, mrandal_2000 468

Full standings available on the ESPN group page


Congratulations to WVUwinsagain12 for destroying the competition this year. They correctly guessed that West Virginia would beat Clemson. They also successfully got their top 11 confidence point picks correctly and only missed 6 games overall. Their 561 points were good enough to place 161st in all of ESPN with the winner having 599.

WVUwinsagain12 a Deuce Brand watch and Boise State earmuffs are on their way to Morgantown for you!


Remember, here at OBNUG we don't just reward those who finish first, but those who finish last too. And we're not referring to "I forgot to lock in my picks" last, but actually trying to fill it out and getting last. That goes to the OBNUGintern and his (BW) entry. Congratulations, Intern, a copy of Heavyweights is on its way!

Your Turn

Did you watch significantly fewer bowl games this year than last? Am I the only one to be in a college football depression not because the season is over but just how crappy the season was overall? Has Nick Patti enrolled yet?