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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 9-8-11

Gene Bleymaier's last day at Boise State was yesterday

Chadd Cripe details his quiet exit and lists six things he'll be remembered for including the most famous, The Blue. It's a quiet ending to one of the most influential men ever at Boise State. Good luck, Gene. You'll be missed.  

More "How would Boise State fare in the SEC?" discussion

Chris Low takes a reasonable position and admits that what Boise State did against Georgia convinced him that Boise State could compete in the SEC and would be a contender.

Edward Aschoff then tries to make some argument that Boise State couldn't compete in the SEC because Boise State couldn't recruit in the SEC. And if you don't have the athletes from the South then you can't compete in the SEC. So there are no good recruits in California or any other states for that matter unless they are in SEC country. Sure, Ed.

Football Study Hall breaks down the Boise State/Georgia stats

This is very similar to our very own BIFFF series that Kevan posted yesterday. But Mr. Connelly finds the same thing: Boise State was ruthlessly efficient.

Join me after the jump for some more links

Boise State's defense proves doubters wrong once again

Count Dennis Dodd as one of the new believers of Boise State's abilities.

Dan Wetzel breaks down the recent conference realignment kerfuffle down to it's basic element: greed

If a college president makes a statement about why college football can't go to a playoff because of missed classes and the student athletes it will ring hollow after what we're witnessing. The only thing that matters right now is money to these presidents and commissioners. 

Someone in Atlanta thought that Georgia outclassed Boise State on the field

There's a lot of rambling in this letter to the editor and it seems that Mr. Reese is upset that Boise State beat Georgia by 14 points and was trying to score in all 4 quarters. He juxtaposes this against Georgia beating Boise State by 35 in 2005 and how Richt could have scored more but "that's not his style". I guess Mr. Reese would prefer Petersen call off the dogs with a 2 TD lead in the 4th quarter against a ranked opponent. Riiiight.