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OBNUG Pick 'Em: Week One Results and Week Two Games

Pick Em
Pick Em

Week One has come and gone and we're on to Boise State's bye week. Normally I would be a little upset about having to wait for my next dose of Boise State football, but after what James Madison did to Virginia Tech last year, I think it's a great idea.

Join me after the jump and we'll take a look at the leaderboard so far and this week's slate of games.


Pick 'Em standings (wide)


1 PDX_Bronco 18
1 coronabronc 18
3 43 1/2 White Presidents 17
3 No Loafing 17
3 That's what she said 17
3 OBNUG Intern 17
3 Kellen Moore's Teeth 17
8 Tons of people 16


Updated 9/7 8:00 a.m.
Complete standings Group 1a
Complete standings Group 1b



This is a composite top 10 from both Yahoo Pick Em groups. Full standings are available on your group homepage. A reminder of what's at stake: The winner of OBNUG Pick 'Em receives a real life Boise State jersey of his or her choice as well as a lifetime membership into the OBNUG Widget of Champions. Weekly prizes are awarded as well.

Hugs and handshakes to OBNUG member PDX_Bronco for beating everyone last week based on the Yahoo tiebreaker.

Also, it's not too late to join the contest as we are dropping one week's scores. Check out the original post for the instructions and the follow-up post for the second group that we created. If that group fills up, let us know and we'll create a third one.

Now onto this week's picks ...


Stone cold lock of the century of the week

After Maryland's thrilling win over Miami, I'm officially 1-0 this season for the Stone Cold Lock of the Century of the Week, and I have another doozy of a pick this week for you.

(16) Mississippi State (-7) over Auburn

Did you see what Utah State freshman QB Chuckie Keeton did to that Auburn defense last week? There are a lot of holes to fill and I don't think that Gene Chizik is going to be able to fix everything before Mississippi State comes to town this week. Of course the same thing could be said for Georgia going against South Carolina, but I'm still holding out hope that Georgia can turn it around. But, yes, I'm still going to pick against Georgia until that happens.

The rest of Nick's picks

Reminder: picks are made against the spread. Also, gambling is illegal and you definitely shouldn't do it unless you're fairly confident you can make a couple bucks. 

  • (21) Missouri over Arizona State
  • Iowa over Iowa State
  • (15) Ohio State over Toledo 
  • (8) Wisconsin over Oregon State
  • San Diego State over Army
  • North Carolina over Rutgers
  • Colorado State over Northern Colorado
  • California over Colorado
  • (23) Penn State over (3) Alabama
  • Hawaii over Washington
  • Cincinnati over Tennessee
  • (25) TCU over Air Force
  • (12) South Carolina over Georgia
  • UNLV over Washington State
  • Wyoming over Texas State
  • Northern Illinois over Kansas
  • Indiana over Virginia
  • (14) Arkansas over New Mexico
  • (24) Texas over BYU
  • Utah over USC
  • Vanderbilt over Connecticut
  • Michigan over Notre Dame
  • UCF over Boston College

Bonus game

Not all games can fit into Yahoo's weekly Pick 'Em board, especially not the WAC ones that no one cares about. Well, we care about them. This week's bonus game:

OREGON (-27) over Nevada

It was nice to see Oregon lose to LSU last week, but I have to believe that they'll be ready to score some points this week. This is also our first look at the new Nevada team. I wonder if their new QB will be as unlikable as Kaepernick? Here's hoping.

Your turn

Feel free to share your picks in the comments and/or discuss this week's slate of games. Since I'm not tallying these manually anymore, it's wide open. Who you got? Let's hear it.