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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State Football Links And Things, 9-6-11

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Maryland beats Miami 32-24

That means we're 1-0 this year in our Stone Cold Lock of the Century of the Week. But I really just wanted to give you another picture of those uniforms. Oh those uniforms. I had no clue that Maryland's state flag looked like that. It got me thinking about what Idaho's state flag turned into a uniform might look like?

Mountain West to talk realignment scenarios today because everyone is doing it

There were too many rumors swirling around this past weekend such as Oklahoma to the PAC 12, Texas to the ACC (!) and Air Force to the Big XII (!!) to recap here. Check out SB Nation's Story Stream on the realignment talk if that's your cup of tea.

Dawg Sports gives their reaction to the game

I think T Kyle King gave a good breakdown of the feelings of most Georgia fans right now and also gives his assessment on how this win will be perceived for Boise State even though he might personally disagree. Blutarsky (is that the right name for this blog or is it Mumme Poll?) gives his breakdown also. It's more X's and O's.

Side note: if you decided to venture over to a Georgia site, please be respectful. Remember that emotions run high after games like this. It was no fun for us to monitor OBNUG after the Nevada loss and try to keep fans of other teams in check while they gloated over a Boise State loss. There is no honor in being banned from another blog.

Join me after the jump for some more links and belated birthdays

Georgia has South Carolina this weekend

South Carolina had their own interesting game against East Carolina on Saturday. Stephen Garcia came off the bench with Carolina trailing 17-0 and led the Gamecocks to a 56-37 win. Naturally, Stephen Garcia gets the start against Georgia.

Kellen Moore number 2 in SI's Heisman Watch

He's behind Andrew Luck at this point. Pat Forde has Kellen in his list. Luck may be the favorite but Brad Edwards doesn't necessarily think that's a bad thing. In fact, he even makes an argument as to why Luck won't win the Heisman. And can someone update now?

Dr. Saturday has Boise State as the number 1 Mid-Major after week one

Not that there is much competition at this point after TCU's loss to Baylor on Friday night. Hawaii was somewhat impressive in their win over lowly Colorado. Watch them make a run now that we don't play them this year. And poor, poor Utah State

Happy Belated Birthday!

It was freshman Jake Van Ginkel's birthday on Sunday and reader Boise State of Mind's birthday yesterday. I trust that both of those went rather well.