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Three stars and one goat from Boise State's win over Georgia

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After what seemed like an eternity of an off-season, college football is back. And more importantly, Boise State wins. What started off shaky turned into one of the most quality wins in school history. Join me after the jump as we celebrate the three stars and one goat of Boise State's win over Georgia.

Saturday night started out with a lot of nail biting and clammy palms. Saturday night ended with a lot of Mountain Dew shots and home made Oreos. Such was the roller coaster of a game we all partook in on the evening of September 3rd, 2011. At first I had to keep reassuring myself that it was a long off-season. In fact, it felt like I had never watched college football before when the game first started. Longest eight months of my life without a doubt. However, once the jitters wore off, Kellen Moore started making sandwiches, and Boise State cruised on to an impressive victory, and the first win in school history over an SEC opponent.




Star No. 3: Matt Miller, Freshman WR

I would absolutely never wish injury to a Bronco. That's like the cardinal sin. Only thing worse is being a Vandal. Having said that, the temporary (hopefully) suspension of Geraldo Boldewijn may have been the best thing that could have happened to Matt Miller. Saturday night was Miller's coming out party, catching 5 of 5 passes for 57 yards and one touchdown. Miller's fist catch of his collegiate career was a touchdown in the biggest game of the year. As I got higher and higher on Miller throughout the night, my wife began to inquire as to his high school career. I explained that he was the Montana state player of the year, to which her reply was, "Who plays football in Montana anyways?" Thanks, dear. Matt Miller does, and he is dang good. I smell the reincarnation of Austin Pettis in the form of Matt Miller. He was clutch when we needed him, seemingly grabbing anything in his area, and getting substantial yards after the catch. Congratulations to Miller on getting a star in his first collegiate game, and here is looking forward to a fantastic four years of Miller Time!

Star No. 2: Jerrell Gavins, Senior CB

Alright, I'm gonna let the cat out of the bag here. I've never really been that high on Jerrell Gavins. Sure, I liked his predator hair, but then he had to go and cut it off, which really rubbed me the wrong way. Saturday night, my faith was restored (not that it was ever really lost, but actually more like never found), as Gavins had a stellar performance against the Dawgs. Gavins came up with one of the most clutch plays of the night, picking an Aaron Murray pass shortly after the Kellen Moore interception in the first half. The swing of momentum was huge as Gavins plucked the ball right out of the air on the edge of the sidelines. Picture perfect. If only he still had predator hair. Jerrell was lock-down all night, stuffing several passes and truly making it difficult on the Georgia wideouts. Congratulations to Jerrell on star number two of Boise State's win over Georgia. And please grow back your dreads. 

Star No. 1: Kellen Moore, Senior QB

My man crush for Kellen bordered on the edge of inappropriate Saturday night. Kellen proved once again that his veins run ice cold, as he tossed perfect pass after perfect pass. He showed his leadership and experience, bouncing back after a very uncharacteristic interception in the first half. Kellen went 28/34, for three touchdowns and one interception. For those of you who don't have a calculator handy, that is an 82% completion percentage. Case who? Kellen came through when we needed him the most, tossing touchdowns to three different receivers. Many wondered how Boise State would do without the dual threat of Pettis-Young. Who needs Pettis- Young when you have Miller-Efaw-Burroughs 1/2-Linehan-Martin-Shoemaker-Moore-Harper? Yeah, that's right; 9 different players with receptions for the Broncos on Saturday night. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Mark May. I smell a lot of stars in the future of Kellen Moore. 

Goat_medium Georgia-pro-combat-uniform-51_medium

The Goat: Georgia Helmet Malfunctions

Yeah, yeah, I know - I could have picked about a million other things for the goat. Mark Richt, Brandon Boykin, Georgia fans on Twitter, Mark May, etc. But c'mon, man. What was up with those helmets? I actually happened to like the design and thought they looked pretty slick with the rest of the Dawgs pro-combat uniforms. But it seemed like every other play, there was a Georgia player running to pick up his helmet that had just popped off. 

I actually stopped counting after a while, because it became increasingly annoying. Seriously, Nike? Was this like a Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction remix? It happened on both offense and defense, and honestly had me distracted on just about every other play. On the flip side, we won and they lost, so who really cares anyways?

Another realistic Goat is Mark Richt. It seemed like whatever he did was shut down by Coach Pete, Coach Pease, and the rest of the offensive and defensive units. With a scary game next week against South Carolina, another loss could truly send the Georgia season into a nasty tailspin, and put Coach Richt on even more of a hot-seat. 

Also, what was up with that "amazing" defensive line. They're so big, blah blah blah. Nobody stops the muscle hamster.

Your Turn:

Was everyone else as impressed with Gavins and Miller as I was? Anyone enjoy the Mitch Burroughs Experience? Anyone hoping for a Dallas Burroughs Experience sometime soon? Who was the real goat? Sound off in the comments, Bronco Nation!