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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 9-29-11


The auction for the Boise State flag flown in Iraq and signed by the 116th Calvary Brigade is now open

Remember, the proceeds for the sale of this flag will go to Coach Kinsey's family to help with his battle against cancer. Also, you can just donate to the Kinsey Family Fund through the new site they setup. We know that Stephen's dad, Bryan, is an NUGgie and would greatly appreciate the support.

Does Boise State complicate Stanford's road to the BCS?

That's the question posed by Stanford writer Jack Blanchat. No, Jack, Oregon complicates Stanford's road to the BCS. He then goes on to make a case for an undefeated Stanford team to get the berth in the NC game over an undefeated Boise State team which I find humorous. I thought that was a forgone conclusion. Shouldn't you be arguing for a 1 loss, Pac 12 champion Stanford team to get the bid?

Interim AD Curt Apsey hits all the talking points surrounding realignment and that pesky C-USA merger

He says Boise State hasn't been contacted by the Big XII and that their happy with the MWC, yada yada yada. He also said something about Craig Thompson being proactive. Not sure that's how I would describe this C-USA thing. 

Kellen Moore's name all over SB Nations's Heisman Watch

It's an interesting look at the Heisman race by breaking down different ways to look at the contenders. Typically, though, the best players on the best teams are the finalists. 

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Dan Hinxman plays Choose Your Own Adventure with Brotzman's kick against Nevada

No, Dan. I don't really care to think about what could have been if the kick was correctly ruled good.

Students apparently left at half time of the Tulsa game (HT: BSUbluNorange)

My wife noticed this as we were watching the game. I guess there was a shot on the field with the student section behind them and it looked deserted. The author of the Arbiter article compares how Boise State students get tickets compared to students in other big programs. It was just Tulsa though. Everyone make sure to stick around for Nevada.

Birthdays, Birthdays

Will you please wish a very happy birthday to Living Legend/Supreme Overlord....wait, is that what he put in the email...reader Mikrino and to player Jamar Taylor. Hope all your birthday wishes come true!

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