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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 9-26-11

Jerrell Gavins had a big night on Saturday

Teams continue to test Gavins even though he keeps making them pay. It's good to see a guy that has waited for his turn, step up and play well when given the opportunity. And I can't wait for his first pick six either.

Boise State and Idaho to play neutral site basketball game in Nampa December 31st

I'm all for playing and beating the Vandals as much as possible in sports where the mere fact of playing them doesn't drag Boise State down. 

Texas A&M and SEC make it official, to start play July 1st, 2012

With this finally cemented and the PAC 12 standing pat with 12 teams, will the ACC attempt to pick up 2 more teams? Will the Big 12 try to up their number from their measly 9? Check out our open thread for discussion and updated rumors.

Ralph D Russo thinks the Big 12 should add Boise State

Now we just need a full blown rumor about secret meetings and tracking planes to get this ball rolling!

Click below for more links and an update on Coach Kinsey.

New Mexico fires coach Mike Locksley after another off the field incident

It's amazing it took all of this to end Locksley's tenure at New Mexcio, but apparently what happened on Saturday night was the last straw. Apparently a friend of Locksley's son, who himself it is a walk on, borrowed his car and was arrested on drunk driving. The car was registered to Mike Locksley himself and the kid claimed to be a New Mexico recruit. Yep, that about sums up Locksley's tenure.

Update on Coach Kinsey

Two days ago Stephen's dad, Bryan, was nice enough to post this story in our Fan Shots about the 116th Calvary Brigade who all signed a Boise State flag that they had flown to be auctioned off with the proceeds to benefit the Kinsey fund. It's a great gesture from a group that is already risking their lives from us all.

Also, Coach Kinsey is on his way into surgery this morning for another procedure. Check out the Facebook page that the Kinseys have setup for the latest updates. But please keep him in your thoughts and prayers this morning.