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Three stars and one goat of Boise State's win over Tulsa

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Saturday night was the first home game back on the blue, after what has seemed like an eternal wait. The Broncos didn't disappoint, as they came out with another win, in a convincing (at times) victory over the Tulsa Golden Hurricanes. Join me now after the jump as we celebrate the stars and mock the goat of Boise State's win over Tulsa.

Last year, when we lost to Nevada, I had to write my first "losing" Three Stars article since we began this weekly activity. It was difficult to do, and I had a lot to contemplate before putting my thoughts to this keyboard. Saturday night for me, has brought on some stark nostalgia of last year's Three Stars article after the loss to Nevada. 

I actually had to hold off on writing until Sunday morning, as I felt I may have said something which Bronco Nation never would have been able to forgive. I slept on my thoughts and feel like I am in a much more healthy state of writing at this moment. Surprisingly, my opinions really haven't changed regarding last night's "victory". They may have tapered down a bit, but overall, my deep feeling of dissatisfaction has not changed. Saturday night may have been the least satisfying victory I have ever been a part of. Join me now as we jump into the stars, and the goat, and let's see if you agree with my radical opinions.


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Star No. 3: Tyler Shoemaker, Senior WR

Tyler Shoemaker was it again on Saturday night, reeling in 5 receptions for 102 yards and two touchdowns. Shoemaker has had at least one touchdown through the first three games of the year; which brings his total on the year to six - one more than all of 2010. It has been a great start for Tyler, and it seems as though he has become the go-to target for Kellen. He is a threat all over the field, catching just about everything that is thrown in his direction. Averaging 16 yards per catch, Shoemaker is just about a guaranteed first down whenever we need him the most. I stand by my theory that he is gaining a mystical power from the new sleeve of tattoos on his right arm, but my sources have yet to confirm either way. Stay tuned. 

Runner Up for Star No. 3: the hot dog/candy girls standing DIRECTLY in front of me during the EXHILARATING fourth quarter counting back money to Crissie's children. Their counting was efficient, and the handoff of candy to small, tiny hand was one for the ages.

Star No. 2: Kellen Moore, Senior QB

Kellen wearing a knee brace is enough to strike fear into the heart of Thor, me, Mark Johnson, and anyone else from the team of Avengers. Knee brace or not, Kellen was his typical immortal-like self on Saturday night. Kellen hit 10 different Broncos against Tulsa, going 23 of 29 for 279 yards and four touchdowns. With a passer rating of 205 last night, and 80% completions on the year, I can't help but wonder if Kellen is more video-game than human. Moore went about his business quietly and efficiently on Saturday night, putting his team in the position to win, just like he always does. Congratulations (again) Kellen, on being Star No. 2 of Boise State's win over Tulsa.

Runner Up for Star No. 2: the new ribbon banners lining the second tier of the stadium. The lights were bright, the jokes were lame, and it was arguably the most exciting part of the entire 4th quarter. Sorry, light banner - you gave it your all, but fell just short. Maybe next time?

Star No. 1: Jerrell Gavins, Senior CB

Jerrell Gavins is playing out of his mind this season. I will be the first to admit that until this year, I was not a believer. I loved Gavins because of his predator hair dreadlocks, but I had little faith in his ability to be a standout, lockdown corner. I will now be the first to admit I am officially on board the Gavins train. Jerrell had two picks last night vs the incredibly efficient G.J. Kinne (cough, cough). With Jamar Taylor having a surprisingly quiet year, Jerrell has stepped up to the plate, and been the Kyle Wilson (blasphemy, I know) of 2011.

Runner Up for Star No. 1: the ROTC squad lighting off the cannon in the first quarter signaling a touchdown that never actually happened. It's not like we scored, and then it was called back or something - we never even crossed the goal line. Sorry guys.


The Goat: The 4th Quarter

Every year, I buy season tickets. Yeah, I know - I sit in the NEZ because they're the only tickets I can afford, but I buy them nonetheless. I go to all the games at least three hours early to get close enough to the front of the line that we can end up in the front row of the endzone. For the majority of the game we stand. If the ball is on the near side of the 35 yard line, we are allowed to stand at the fence. If it's beyond that, we can stand, but have to be back from the fence. We yell, a lot. In fact, my pipes weren't ready for this game, and I'm feeling quite a bit of pain today from all the screaming. 

I can say that I did more tweeting and sitting during the fourth quarter than I have ever done at a game before. It is so frustrating to watch us work so hard, and put 30+ points on the board through 2 1/2 quarters, only to give it back in the 4th. 

Had I written Three Stars last night, Joe Southwick would have been my goat. But after sleeping in my glass cage of emotions, I realized that although Southwick infuriated me last night, it was the entire 4th quarter that had me ready to sell my soul for an ageless Kellen Moore. 

Through 3 quarters, Tulsa was held to one touchdown. In the fourth they scored twice more. What was even more upsetting was our inability to move the ball after Kellen left the game. Southwick went 5 for 7, which I know is not as bad as I'm making it out to be; however he had a costly fumble in the redzone, and was basically a non-factor on the field. He rushed 4 times, for -1 yards, and truly has me hoping for an opening schedule change in 2012. 

Runner Up for the Goat: CBS College Sports announcers were awful from what I hear. Guess that's just how we roll in the Mountain West.

Your Turn

Am I overreacting? Am I being too hard on Lil' Joe? Anyone else as high on Gavins as I am? Ribbon banners FTW? Sound off, Bronco Nation!