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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 9-23-11

Brent Pease pledges to get Doug Martin the ball at least 20 times a game

Martin has been averaging only 3.0 yards a carry on the ground but has a 18.4 average receiving. I can't wait to see Martin more often in more space.

Tulsa World breaks down Boise State's blueprint 

Spoiler alert: It includes winning a lot of games, winning a lot of games at home and, naturally, scoring a lot of points. 

Boise State sends out letter of caution to boosters

It's a pretty standard letter about no extra benefits but I'm sure it's a necessary step in our ongoing reform from the egregious missteps of our violation filled past. I wonder what step 2 is.

Could this be Boise State's year?

To get a churro machine at Bronco Stadium? Oh, nope we're bringing up Boise State's national championship chances after 3 weeks of college football, before the bulk of conference play so that we can agree that no matter what happens the rest of the season, no, Boise State will not make the NC game. Thanks for playing.

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Sarah Phillips reverses field, now picks Kellen Moore to win Heisman (HT: Ross Taylor)

Now I'm only more convinced that her column is written by monkeys.

Dan Wetzel makes a great argument against superconferences: start a playoff (HT: NYBroncosFan)

His logic is as follows: schools are going to superconferences for the TV contracts because the schools need the money to stay afloat. What's an alternative revenue stream to a superconference? A multi week playoff with even more national interest and TV revenue. Now the thing that Big East commissioner fought hard to maintain, the BCS, will be their demise unless they wise up. 

Wetzel even took a crack at preserving the salary of the director of the "Great Idaho Potato Bowl". That got me thinking so I called the office of the Famous Idaho Potato bowl and asked if they disclosed finances and the lady I spoke to didn't think so and didn't think they had to. I then reached out to our friends at the Playoff PAC to see if they had the finances and they were kind enough to send them along for 2009. I am no accountant but it looks like Mr. Kevin McDonald and the rest of his staff (I'm assuming 4 since that's what they have this year) made around $200k that year. Not too shabby for arranging one game a year. Anyone want to throw together a bowl game with me?

Happy birthday

Happy birthday to Boise State corner Eric Agbaroji and receiver Aaron Burks. May all your birthday wishes come true.

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