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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 9-2-11

Boise State's mantra for the Georgia game: SWAT-team mentality

Petersen explains it in more detail:

"We just like the visual of a SWAT team that goes in, they're very poised, you don't even almost know they're there and the chaos doesn't bother them," Petersen said.

I love this imagery and mentality. Block out the distractions and get the job done. Assassins.

Idaho lives up to expectations in opening loss to Bowling Green State

Can you believe they were favored? Side note: last night I decided to try out ESPN3 on my Xbox and tuned it to the Idaho game hoping to watch some of the beat down. Two plays later, the Vandals score on a defensive miscommunication with a WR open in the end zone. Just my luck.

Bruce Feldman has been freed and now works for CBS Sports (HT: NighthawkWatch)

He has plenty to say about the last few weeks at ESPN. SI's Richard Deitsch does a good job of transcribing it or you can listen to Feldman's interview on the Dan Patrick Show yesterday. The most important thing though is that Feldman is no longer behind the Insider paywall and he makes his triumphant return by picking Boise State to win. Welcome back, Bruce.

Join me after the jump for some more links and birthday

EDSBS's Spencer Hall pens a piece on the start of college football

A great piece of writing that leaves me feeling conflicted. Is everything else fake and football is our escape for a brief moment? I think I need to read it again.

SBNation Atlanta's Doug Gillet argues with himself about the outcome of the game (HT: pjohn56)

I like Depressed Doug a lot. I'll look for him before the game tomorrow.

Kevan heads over the Dawg Sports to answer five questions

Although I'm disappointed in his lack of mafia move knowledge. We'll have to remedy that soon. Also, Dawg Sports issues their last letter to Boise State. This time less inflammatory but still not funny. Meh

Pre-Snap Read has Boise State at number 2 (HT: ColeStevens)

Missed it earlier but Paul Myerberg has Boise State behind only Alabama to start the season.

Happy Birthday

May all your wishes come true today, SeniorChief. Happy Birthday!