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Boise State, Kellen Moore too much for Toledo in 40-15 Bronco win

Toledo hung tough, but the Rockets had no answer for Kellen Moore as the Bronco QB passed for over 400 yards, threw five touchdowns, and led BSU to a 40-15 win. Hit the jump for a recap and stats and some knee-jerk reactions following Boise State's win. And don't forget to share your thoughts in the comments.

Top Five plays

  • Doug Martin screen pass TD. Um, guys, that may have been the best screen pass score we will ever see. I hope you DVR'ed it.
  • Chase Baker interception. Boise State's criminally underrated tackle corralled a deflected screen pass to kill a Toledo drive midway through the second quarter that would have cut the Bronco lead to one-score. Credit Shea McClellin for batting the ball into the air and for being Shea McClellin.
  • Kellen Moore TD to Tyler Shoemaker (the first one). The score came in direct response to a Toledo TD and helped right the Boise State ship after the Broncos fell behind. Also, it was a thing of beauty. So it had that going for it.
  • Cedric Febis forced fumble. With Toledo driving following a Kellen Moore interception, Febis stripped QB Austin Dantin on a rather uncoordinated quarterback run, ending another Toledo red zone opportunity. J.C. Percy pounced on the loose ball.
  • Toledo screen pass TD. Though it made me seethe with white-hot anger, the Toledo screen pass that opened the scoring in the first quarter was pretty fun to watch. The O-line froze after the snap (which I swear never works) and then broke downfield to block for Toledo TE Danny Noble who had nothing but green between him and the end zone. Kudos, Toledo coach Tim Beckman. You have unlocked the trickerration achievement.

It was over when ...

Kellen Moore found Tyler Shoemaker for the third time to make it 33-9 with six minutes to play. Then it was really over for good when Tim Beckman went for one point after the next Toledo touchdown instead of going for two, which would have made it a two-score game.

Game recap

After beating Georgia 35-21 in a game that wasn't that close, the Broncos beat Toledo 40-15 in a game that was closer than it looks. The Rockets, buoyed by some timely plays on offense, kept the game close for three-and-a-half quarters before finally giving in against Kellen Moore and the Broncos. Quite the moral victory win streak those Rockets are on.

Moore completed a career high 32 passes, most in easy Kellen fashion. Out routes, seam routes, slants and gos - Moore hit them all. He found nine different receivers (including Tyler Shoemaker three times in the end zone) and finished with five touchdown passes, tying a career high he has set on multiple occasions before. Toledo did not have an answer nor, apparently, did they know there would be a test.

The Boise State defense, expected to dominate the Rockets, played classic bend-but-don't break, allowing just nine points until a late score in fourth quarter garbage time. The Bronco D's biggest plays were two second half turnovers that BSU forced inside their own 20, snuffing out Toledo drives.

Boise State will have plenty to work on this next week (as Coach Pete's perma-scowl on the sidelines would attest), but in college football you have to take road wins however you can get them. It wasn't always pretty, but it got the job done.



Kellen Moore - 32-for-43, 455 yards, 5 TDs, 1 INT
Austin Dantin - 3-for-8, 50 yards, 1 TD
Terrance Owens - 17-for-31 yards, 201 yards, 0 TD, 1 INT


Doug Martin - 19 carries, 68 yards
Adonis Thomas - 14 carries, 65 yards


Doug Martin - 5 catches, 122 yards, 1 TD
Tyler Shoemaker - 4 catches, 52 yards, 3 TDs
Mitch Burroughs - 6 catches, 76 yards
Matt Miller - 6 catches, 65 yards
Eric Page - 8 catches, 69 yards

Knee-jerk reactions

I'll be interested to see how the stats and game recaps go for this one. I have a feeling Boise State didn't play as poorly as I felt they did this game. At least, I hope so ... The field position was a key part to that first half. Toledo had it, Boise State didn't ... Toledo had some success running slants and quick passes inside against Boise State's linebackers and safeties, so I hope no other teams were watching tonight ... What a catch by Mitch Burroughs ... I don't have a problem with Toledo subbing Dantin for one series in the second half. The series came right after Owens had missed a few receivers pretty badly, so it's not like the guys was on fire ... Clutch play by McClellin on the screen pass tip. Boise State had to have a play ... I was really glad Boise State put up that last touchdown to make it 40-15. That score will look a lot better on Saturday morning than 33-15 would have ... I don't even know what to say about Boise State's placekickers right now ... Kellen Moore, Kellen Moore, Kellen Moore ...

Your turn

What did you think of the Bronco win? How good is that Kellen Moore guy? Share your thoughts in the comments.