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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 9-15-11

Coach Pete alludes to not being happy with NCAA sanctions, rule book

When appearing on his weekly radio show last night on KBOI made this statement about the recent NCAA ruling:

"We could talk for days, I've got so many thoughts and opinions on this deal," Petersen said. "But I've kind of learned that it's probably best that I say that we were surprised by it, but we'll do what we have to do. The one thing I appreciate about this program and our kids is whatever we have thrown our way, we'll adjust and adapt and we'll keep rolling."

I like this. Not that Coach Pete bites his tongue and doesn't say anything. But the mere fact that he has to bite his tongue. He does have opinions. Now I can pretty much know that he thinks the BCS is a load of crap and he sits home on Saturday nights watching highlights of the other top teams and knows that he could exploit them and that Boise State could play with any team in the country. At some point, It will be nice to hear what Coach Pete really thinks. 

Video: Gary Danielson talks, makes a fool out of himself

The day after I try to give Gary some praise for his seemingly changing feelings on Boise State, he has to go and make a fool of himself on Tim Brando's show. Where is Gary's handler? Shouldn't he be feeding him facts like how getting into a conference works?

The Atlantic calls the NCAA what they are, a bunch of hypocrites

It sure is tough to be continually depressed by articles such as this, but they shouldn't be ignored. There are problems that need to be addressed. Of course, this isn't even the most damning thing written about college athletics.

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Round Table: Can Toledo upset Boise State?

By round table, in this instance it means getting 10 guys around a table and posing a question where everyone gets to answer once. I think it should have been called "Quiz time!"

Cal State Bakersfield installs first blue basketball floor

I'm not sure how I feel about this. Obviously basketball can be played on many different types of surfaces and colors, but I think the darkness of the blue is throwing me off a little. Someone just needs to go all black as a nod to the playground blacktops. 

Is this why no one in Idaho can get ESPN3?

Hopefully those of you in Southeastern Idaho don't have internet speed issues. Looking by how OBNUG has grown, it doesn't seem to be an issue. Of course, that may be because we aren't doing a ton of streaming video.