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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 9-13-11

NCAA report on Boise State's infractions to be released today (HT: Broncograd96, Bleedblue75)

We're officially on NCAA report watch today. Boise State has already self imposed 3 fewer scholarships and 3 fewer practices this year and next year, but the NCAA could tack on additional penalties which would seem awfully excessive for what the football team's infractions were. Now for that women's tennis team, death penalty! 

Jerrel Gavins gets profiled by Chadd Cripe (HT: KyleWilson01)

Gavins played spectacularly against Georgia and has really stepped up to fill the spot left by Brandyn Thompson. Hearing his background and where he came from makes his story even more special. 

Brian Kelly unaware that Notre Dame's schedule really hasn't been that difficult

He felt the need to take a shot at Ohio State's schedule even though they almost got beat by Toledo. Also, the size of the crowd doesn't equate to a good football team. Just ask Tennessee.

Join me after the jump for some more links 

Dan Wetzel compares the Patriots offense to "Boise State on steroids", makes Kevan very happy (HT: Loque)

Any good comparison between Boise State and New England has to make our esteemed editor very happy. But I still think I saw the damage from the Superbowl loss in his eyes before the Georgia game. That kind of devastation is hard to erase.

The SEC has accepted Texas A&M as their 13th member

Mike Slive pretty much announced it in Birmingham yesterday. Now Oklahoma and Oklahoma State are supposedly scrambling to get into the Pac 12 and I'm sure Baylor and Iowa State's attorneys are working hard. Keep up with all of it here.