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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 8-9-11

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 Darren Rovell takes issue with teams banning Twitter


Naturally, Rovell's take led to some discussion on Twitter about this quickly spreading policy. Where do you stand?

Do you think it's wise for coaches to protect 20 year old kids from themselves? Imagine all the stupid, spur of the moment things you did while in college. Or do you think that Twitter is just another life tool that kids should be educated on how to handle appropriately?

Chris Petersen had his first press conference after practice yesterday

Sounds like Febis has the strong safety position locked up, Malcolm Johnson is in shape and Matt Miller still isn't 100%. The full audio is available for you to download, splice up, and make into Coach Pete ring tones.

Also, the first full pads practice was yesterday but details are sparse with most of the media focusing on the press conference instead.

Boise State's Football Yearbook is out

I already have an appointment at Kinkos to get this printed out, laminated and bound so I have it ready for the upcoming season.

The Blue on Blue debate rages on...on Mythbusters?

The topic has at least made it to their forums. There is some debate on whether or not there is any kind of test to prove or debunk the claim.