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Boise State t-shirt news: Shop the new OBNUG tees

Heads up: Sales of these shirts have been suspended due to a licensing issue. If you ordered a shirt, you'll be getting your money back. 


Need something hip and attractive to wear to the Georgia game, the Bronco fall scrimmage, a pre-game tailgate, or church? Well you're in luck. The new OBNUG t-shirts are here.

OBNUG and t-shirt retailer 4th and Forever have teamed up to bring you fresh duds this football season, beginning with the two designs pictured above: Bronco Billy Winn and Doug "Dougie" Martin. These Boise State tees sell for $20.00 and are guaranteed to ship and arrive in time for the Georgia game.

The designs are the first of a series of tees that will be rolled out throughout the season. Thank you to everyone who submitted shirt ideas earlier this offseason, and keep 'em coming. I love hearing what you think and making Drew design things. 

More pics and details after the jump.


Shop the Bronco Billy tee.


Shop the Teach Me How To Dougie tee.

The shirts are printed on a blended tee, and sizing info can be found on each product page. Sizes run from small to double XL. There are limited quantities on each size, so don't wait too long to order. Additional shirts can and will be printed when the first batch sells out.

If you have any problems or questions, feel free to send me an email and I will do my best to sound like I know what I'm talking about. The shirt shop will take up permanent residence in the left sidebar, constantly reminding you that shirts are available and you should be saving your allowance. You can find all the designs there, and the new shirts will be announced when they become available.

That's all for now. Happy shopping, and happy wearing.