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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 8-29-11

Good Monday to you all! I can't believe game week is finally here
Rumors are swirling that Zabransky could toss the coin (HT: Blueandorangeblood)

Jared has posted on his website that he will toss the coin with Georgia great Herschel Walker. I know Ian Johnson is busy actually playing football, but we couldn't get Bart Hendricks or Brock Forsey wasn't available? As Blueandorangeblood put it:

So is he just gonna throw the coin to a Georgia player?


NY Times lists Kellen Moore as No.  2 Heisman contender (HT: Pac 10 Alum)

The NY Times tries to get fancy, so warning that there is auto-play audio involved for those of you in a communal work environment and speakers turned up way too loud.

SI writers talk college football television topics including Craig James

And boy do they let it fly. It's nice to see people calling out ESPN's conflicts of interests and Craig James for just being Craig James.

If a network launches but nobody can watch it?...

Texas' Longhorn Network launched on Friday but no major cable network carried it. Verizon has signed up to carry it, but they won't start until 9/1 but Comcast, Time Warner, DirecTV and Dish Network have not agreed to pick up the channel. Luckily, they put the launch on youtube and it contains all the smarminess you'd expect.

Join me after the jump for some more links and birthdays.

Chris Dufresne ranks Boise State number 4 in his preseason rankings

Although he likes to play devil's advocate with the BCS on twitter, remember that he is a Boise State fan and is generally in our corner.

Uncle Boise makes some doomsday predictions

The only one I can buy into if it happens (and I don't even like admitting this out loud) is if Petersen decides to leave. I couldn't even read that paragraph so you guys will have to tell me if he makes any good points.

Andy Staples names a new favorite BBQ joint in his food blog (HT: Freshbreff)

And drops some Boise State references on the way. I do love BBQ and that picture of the brisket is divine. If somebody wanted to go grab me some and bring it to me today, I'd be totally okay with that.


Kevan told me I had to put my own birthday in here so yes, it is my birthday along with reader WSAnderson who is a great friend of mine from college, even if he's an Auburn fan. Hope this week goes by quickly!