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The Georgia Bulldogs anagram roster

In what has become a tradition here at OBNUG, we kick off game week (game week!) with a sophomoric look at the opponent's roster through the lens of anagrams and wordplay. Actual football analysis will come in bunches throughout the week, but you have to start somewhere. Take it away, Aunt Losing.

An anagram is like a word jumble; you take the letters from a word or phrase and mix them up to see what other words or phrases you can come up with. Try it for yourself.

Justin Anderson Sunned Janitors

Sterling Bailey Stably Lingerie

Michael Bennett Inclement Bathe

John Bodin Hobo Djinn

Brandon Boykin Noon Baby Drink

Chris Burnette Sherbert Tunic

Orson Charles Colon Sharers

Chris Conley Cinch Sorely

Candler Cook Coke Caldron

Robert Davis Adverbs Riot

Scott Eichler Electric Hots

Adam Erickson Macaroni Desk

Austin Herod  Hunt Roadies

Abry Jones Enjoy Bars

Tavarres King Vagrant Skier

Greg Lanier  Ear Niggler

Dallas Lee Sad Allele

Christian LeMay Manic Hairstyle

Austin Long Aunt Losing

Hutson Mason Human Snoots

Bacarri Rambo Barbaric Roam

Ben Reynolds Slender Bony

Blake Sailors Liberals Soak

Sanford Seay Sedan Forays

Garrison Smith  Rainstorm Sigh

Nathan Theus Heath Suntan

Carlton Thomas Asthma Control

Israel Troupe Pleasure Riot

DeAngelo Tyson Teensy Gondola

Chase Vasser Ah Crevasses

Evan Wells Lawn Elves

Aron White Earth Wino