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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 8-26-11

Miami has started to suspend players including QB Jacory Harris that were involved in the Nevin Shapiro case

This is the same tactic that Auburn used when Cam Newton was briefly ruled ineligible before a game last year. Miami is hoping to give the NCAA enough time to review the allegations and have their eligibility reinstated. Good luck with that. Also, the LSU saga is far from over. The police have raided Jordan Jefferson's apartment and witnesses have come forward to say that Jefferson was the one to kick the victim in the head. 

Boise State unveils the uniform plans for the games this year

Boise State will wear all blue against Tulsa and Nevada at home. Take that, Craig Thompson. Also, no plans for all white at home.

EDSBS's Spencer Hall breaks down Boise State's new uniforms

I'm not sure if he was first one to coin the look as the "ghost horse" but I think he was the only one to denote a whole post to the look. Also, some more positive reaction to the new uniforms.

Boise State takes exception to school succinctly describing their blue field as "Blue Turf" (HT: Egnowit)

Boise State is swinging the trademark hammer again. This time it's aimed at Detroit's Oxford high school for using the term "blue turf". Alternate names such as "True Blue Turf", "Oxford Blue Turf" and "Navy Blue Turf" have been suggested. Get your hues right, guys!

Join me after the jump for some more links, some birthdays and an update on Coach Kinsey

SEC blog Team Speed Kills breaks down the keys for Georgia against Boise State

It includes a lot of Aaron Murray and Kellen Moore running. 

Texas A&M sends breakup letter to Big XII

They are officially "exploring their options" and have changed their relationship status on facebook with Dan Beebe to an "open relationship."

SMU thinks very highly of themselves and thinks other conferences should also

Their points as to why they should be in a BCS conference include strides in academic and research status (which somehow will influence their athletics) and back to back bowls. The bar is awfully low these days. 

ESPN's Brad Edwards says MWC is stronger than The Big East and should get BCS status

And it's hidden behind the Insider pay wall. 

Happy Birthday, guys

Today is the birthday for players Austin Baker and Thomas Byrd. Congratulations and I hope you don't have to run any gassers!

Stephen Kinsey update

Keep Stephen in your thoughts and prayers this morning as Stephen is currently in surgery this morning. Earlier in the week they found out that his tumor is growing again and the poor guy will need to start chemo again.