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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 8-23-11

Jarrel Root gets the profile treatment during the DL preview

Root has taken over as the charismatic leader on the defense. Good to know that didn't leave when he cut his hair. 

Chadd Cripe tells us what true freshman will play this year (HT: Pac 10 Alum)

Looks like Tyler Horn is the only sure fire bet for 2011. No mention of Jay Ajayi by Cripe.

Tennessee informs it's players that if they are looking for opportunity in Knoxville, they're in the wrong place

Hopefully Justin Wilcox had nothing to do with that door. And I'm not buying this "now here" stuff either.

Pollspeak details the changes in the AP poll's voters for 2011

Kirk Herbstreit is out and Craig James is still inexplicably in. They must have some vague rules for inclusion. Apparently Herbstreit had to give up his vote when he moved to Nashville and was no longer considered an Ohio voter.

Join me after the jump for some more links and a birthday

Terrell Pryor taken in the 3rd round of the NFL supplemental draft by Al Davis

That seems about right. I hope you live forever, Al Davis. And I certainly hope that Pryor threw this supplemental draft party.

Bleacher Report tries to up its credibility with some high profile hires

They picked up Dan Levy, Matt Miller, Dan Rubenstein, Josh Zerkle and Bethlehem Shoals. We have to admit that we are impressed and will have to keep an eye on the content that comes out now. Deadspin did a fitting tribute. The new guys also put out this video to let us know how things are changing:

I take that back. They just lost all credibility with that smarmy video.

Happy birthday to you!

Today is Kirby Moore's birthday. May you have a breakout year and catch many passes from your older brother!