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What is your biggest area of concern for Boise State's opener versus Georgia?

Having seen the Broncos' fall scrimmage and having read the OBNUG recap and having dreamed Inception dreams about Boise State's chances on September 3, what concerns you most for BSU's opener?

Of course, as Bronco fans, we are blessed to have a team that concerns us so little in so many important places, like quarterback and coach and manifest destiny. That said, there are a few random spots of anxiety. Share your thoughts in the comments on which area of discomfort you'd choose. My pick is after the jump.

The uncomfortables

  • Special teams. There were some anxious moments at Saturday's scrimmage with punts being blocked, field goals being missed, Jeff Choate neck veins being bulged. And there's still that lingering question of why Boise State covers kickoffs like a cheap paper towel (not the super-absorbent ones).
  • Field goal kicker. We Bronco fans will be putting our faith in Dan Goodale or Michael Frisina in less than two weeks. And two weeks and three-quarters of football, we may be putting our faith in going for it on fourth down all the time.
  • Right tackle/guard. Kellen Moore's blindside is in the hands of two newbies, almost just like that movie starring Sandra Bullock, except minus the emoting and the 'hood.
  • Drops. Catching the ball has been an issue for BSU's receivers in the two scrimmages this fall. Who let Braylon Edwards visit camp? Don't you know he's contagious?
  • Other. Will Cedric Febis make us forget Jeron Johnson? Will a Hunter White - Jonathan Brown conjoined nickel be good enough? What is Brad Elkin doing on top of the depth chart? Et al.

At some point over the next two weeks, each of these options will keep me up at night at least once, but the one that really sticks in my stomach ulcer is the drops. Nothing kills momentum like a well-timed case of concrete hands. Depending on the down and distance and circumstance, drops could be the difference between a win and a loss. 

Your turn

What is your biggest concern heading into the season opener? Nervous about kick coverage? Beside yourself about Dan Goodale? Share your thoughts in the comments.