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20 things to watch at Boise State's scrimmage

First things first: Here are the Boise State scrimmage details for those iPhone calendar apps of yours:

  • When: Saturday, 7:00 p.m.
  • Where: Bronco Stadium
  • How much: FREE
  • Printable roster: You betcha!

This will be the first and only time that the general public gets to see the team practice before the Georgia game. The Broncos have yet to release info on how the scrimmage will be scored, who will be out injured, and how many varieties of nachos will be available.

Check your OBNUG computers after the scrimmage for a recap. Here are just a few of the things that I'm looking forward to.

  • Kicking Battle Royale. Van Ginkel vs. Goodale for field goal supremacy. Elkin vs. Harman for punting birthright. Tee-retrieving dog vs. tee-retrieving OBNUG Intern for tee duties.
  • True freshmen (listed in order of personal affection): Jay Ajayi (No. 27), Blake Renaud (No. 13), Jeff Worthy (No. 98), Corey Bell (No. 38), Lee Hightower (No. 29), Darian Thompson (No. 35), and Dallas Burroughs (No. 82)
  • Injuries: Is anyone standing on the sideline wearing a body cast? How about an air boot? I can be equally freaked out about both
  • Kellen Moore-to-Matt Miller
  • Kellen Moore-to-anyone, really
  • Two words: referee shorts
  • Boise State's deep defensive line. The Broncos need a fifth DE and a fifth DT, and I imagine tomorrow's scrimmage will have a lot to say about who those people are.
  • The "Boise!" "State!" cheer happening for no apparent reason
  • Jeremy Ioane. Rumor has it he scrimmages a lot better than he practices, so this could get interesting for some poor, defenseless receivers.
  • Tyler Horn. He may be BSU's fourth defensive end this fall, and I couldn't pick him out of my own family photo. Is he good? Is he big? Is that a tail?
  • Wide receivers. In the last scrimmage, the WRs struggled with drops. Expect some fairweather fans to have some boos ready if we have a repeat.
  • The Idaho Powerball mascot
  • Doug Martin. That is all.
  • Speculation should Boise State rest some starters, as it typically does, due to nothing more than whimsy but that we crazy fans (me) take to mean questionable injury status for the Georgia game
  • Gadget plays
  • Malcolm Johnson. It's been a long time coming, but this might finally be the time when we fans see Johnson at at full strength. 
  • Touchdowns? Will the Boise State defense allow any? Will the Boise State offense earn any?
  • Cedric Febis at strong safety
  • Chuck Hayes and Jake Broyles (and maybe Brenel Myers) at guard
  • The inevitable Gene Bleymaier chant. Brace yourselves. Things might get emotional.

One thing I'm not looking forward to ...

  • The Wave

It is my mortal enemy.

Your turn

What are you looking forward to watching at Saturday's scrimmage? Players? Plays? Ryan Larrondo? Share your thoughts in the comments.