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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 8-15-11

Guess what? Only 1 more Monday until Game Week Monday. It's almost here.

Coach Pete talks about Boise State's closed scrimmage on Friday


He also went on to add that Brad Elkin had a really good day. That's not exactly a great sign. The offense committed 4 turnovers and only scored 2 touchdowns. The defense added a TD of their own while the first team offense didn't score.

Are you excited about how well the defense played? Are you worried about all the new players in place on the offense? Is this just a mental rope a dope move put on by Coach Pete? Hopefully we'll have more answers after the scrimmage this Saturday, the 20th, which is open to everyone.

SEC says 'no' to Texas A&M ...for now

The much hyped defection of Texas A&M has been put on hold for now. But many pundits believe this is far from over. I just hope it can wait so we can start talking about actual football.

PlayoffPAC files a 13 page complaint against the Fiesta Bowl receiving "hotel kickbacks"

Remember those hotels that bowls assign to participating teams in which no one has a choice and you must stay a minimum number of nights? Well the Fiesta Bowl was receiving payouts from these hotels for arranging these contracts. And it doesn't look like it was only the Fiesta Bowl arranging these shady deals.

Gene Bleymaier chose not to resign, instead be fired

Brian Murphy does a great job outlining what led up to the firing, explaining the timing and why Gene chose to go this route.

Join me after the jump for some more links, birthday wishes and a special note.

What did Nevada gain by upsetting Boise State? 

Not much apparently. Although the author seemed to miss the BCS payout that didn't come also.

Andrea Adelson names 5 Broncos on her non-AQ preseason team

But where are Chase Baker and Thomas Byrd?

Birthdays galore!

Happy Birthday to reader Inkforareason and player Kyle Sosnowski on Saturday, player Dane Turner on Sunday, and player Byron Hout and our very own Drew Roberts today!

Special Note

As many of you remember, Stephen Kinsey came to The Blue last year as part of the Make A Wish Foundation. He is 12 years old and diagnosed with advanced non-hodgkins lymphoblastic anaplastic large cell lymphoma. After the trip, his family became part of the OBNUG community to keep up with Boise State.

From what I understand, Stephen has developed a blood clot and has had further complications that lead to the possibility that he will have to undergo open heart surgery this week. His family has setup a facebook page to keep up with his progress called Until Stephen is Cancer Free. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers this week.