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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 8-12-11

Happy Friday, you guys. 

Here's the official Boise State gameday shirt for the Georgia game, featuring incisive wordplay and tons o' fonts.


Kellen Moore fifth in ESPN's Heisman Trophy poll

Andrew Luck and Landry Jones are the preseason favorites, followed by LaMichael James and Trent Richardson. But at least Moore is totally owning Case Keenum. There's a trash talk text coming your way, Case.

Gene Bleymaier was offered the chance to resign rather than be fired

This did not appeal to Bleymaier because he knew people would see right through that. People are smart and very cynical. Good read at the Idaho Statesman if you like your quotes with subtext.

(via: Intern)

Super advanced stats preview of Boise State

As many of us homer fans tend to do, Bill Connelly compares last year's Boise State team to the greatest teams of all-time ... the difference being he has numbers to prove it. Yay numbers (for now).

(via: Mikrino)

J Bates, do you have any thoughts on the next AD for Boise State?


No? You don't have any thoughts? OK, let's move on then.

More links after the jump.

Jeron Johnson finishes with a TFL, game-winning pass breakup versus Chargers (via: ECBF) previews the Boise State - TCU battle for the Mountain West title

Phase One of Bronco Stadium expansion put on hold due to parking problem (via: bluNorange)

Proposed rule change would make academics part of bowl qualification

Hope Idaho never planned on going to a bowl ever again.

And last but not least ...

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