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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 8-11-11

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Gene B. says so long and thanks for all the fish.

Here is KTVB's interview with soon-to-be-former Boise State AD Gene Bleymaier. Cue Mark Johnson Serious Face.

More on the Gene B. firing in a bit.

Boise State to visit Southern Miss next year, host Southern Miss in 2013

No, it's not a game against a BCS opponent, but lest we forget that the Golden Eagles are better than BSU according to that know-it-all CFN website. Besides, it was the best Gene B. could do while getting fired and all.

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Rivals bowl projections: Boise State vs. LSU in the Sugar

And for those of you stoked about the Potato Bowl, best start getting mentally prepared for Miami (OH) vs. Nevada.

Davien Payne chooses Colorado out of necessity

The high school RB phenom wanted Boise State but didn't want to decide fast enough. You snooze, you lose, and in this case losing = playing for Colorado. There' s more on Payne in the FanPosts.

(via: BT Blue)

Sagarin ratings have Boise State at No. 7, TCU at No. 4, Ohio State at No. 3

Looks like Harris Poll voters just found their poll to copy.

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