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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 8-10-11

Running Backs Coach Keith Bhonapha gives a breakdown of each RB

He said Doug Martin needs to take more of a leadership role. Translation: Doug Martin is awesome and he needs to learn to impart his awesomeness on the other guys around him. 

Coach Pete reaffirms his plan for kicking this season

If he's not confident in his kicker, he'll go for it. Is this too close to a Les Miles quote for you? 

Gregg Doyel offers a rebuttal to Darren Rovell in the "Should players tweet?" debate

Shockingly, Mr. Fiskers agrees. And that is quite a feat seeing how surly he's been with all of the debt ceiling debate.

Q&A with rookie Falcoln Ryan Winterswyk

You mean he didn't have to have cornea transplants to adjust to the green field? (HT: smurfturfer)

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Georgia gets LB Jarvis Jones back from suspension

We're still waiting on the other 10.

Georgia blogger challenges Boise State's Defense dominance (HT: trigga mike!)

They're just handing out Blogger accounts to anyone these days. Oh wait

Yahoo ranks Boise State coaching staff #9 in the country (HT: NYBroncosFan)

Orlando Sentinel ranks Boise State #6