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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State links and things, 8-1-11

Shark Week! featuring CFN's Pete Fiutak


The Discovery Channel's annual ode to chum chewers just happens to coincide with CFN writer Pete Fiutak making waves in his CFN Mountain West preview. Is he high on the Broncos? Yes, question mark? 

Team That'll Disappoint: Boise State ... Yes, 11-1 would be a disappointment for the program and the Mountain West, considering the national title will be off the table with a loss to the Bulldogs.

It's hard to say that 11-1 and a Mountain West title would be a disappointment (especially if it came with a BCS bid), but Fiutak said it. He also said this, which was far, far worse:

Colorado State QB Pete Thomas will have a better year than Boise State's Kellen Moore

Bold prediction or heinous typo? You decide.

Former Packer Korey Hall signs with New Orleans

That leaves the Packers without a Boise State grad on the team, until I get my hands on Madden 12 that is. The list of former Broncos on NFL teams is looking better by the day. Now someone sign Gerald Alexander so the NFL season can begin for real.

Coach Pete reminisces about the 2010 football team

Too soon? Yeah, probably too soon.

"I've moved on. It's still football. To play perfect the entire year, it's hard to do," Petersen said. "I'm still really proud of that team. I look back at that team and go, ‘That was a good team.' "

Mountain West roundtable: July: Games: The big ones


I have some hyperbolic things to say about BSU-Georgia, other people have things to say about other games. Which brings up an important question: There are other games?

Austin Pettis photos and a reader birthday after the jump.

Practice pictures of Austin Pettis doing St. Louis Ram things



Happy birthday

Happy belated birthday to OBNUG reader Dr. Jrig. Here's hoping all your birthday wishes came true.

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