George Iloka and the best Mountain West live chat of all time


The Mountain West had the brilliant idea of wrangling student athletes into a live chat that allowed fans to ask the players questions through the MWC website. They followed up this brilliant idea with the brilliant idea of not censoring George Iloka. Here is the transcript.

Fellas, thanks for joining us. First question, have you seen the Chik-fil-A Classic trophy and would you ever wear that old school helmet?

George. I have seen the trophy. It actually looks pretty old and worn out. Would I ever wear it publically? Probably not but it would be fun to play one pickup football game with it on.

George, You have been just nails in the Defensive backfield, but don't get much praise, does that get frustrating at times?

George: It just makes me want to work harder. As long as we are winning I'm cool with it. The defense usually doesn't get praise. It is part of the territory. Silent killer ...

Kellen, how did your wedding go?

Kellen: The Wedding went great. Tons of fun. Got to marry my best friend which is pretty special.

George, what is your favorite thing about Houston, Texas?

George: The girls, the social scene and the competitive football!

If you guys weren't playing football, what sport would you guys play?

George: I'd play competitive putt-putt mini golf.

Kellen: I'd try and be a tennis player.

Congrats Kellen! how does quarterbacking for the Bronco's and being married similar?

Kellen: I'd say it is all about making sure other people are happy. Wide receivers and my wife

is there a chance that a True freshman will be starting on Defense?

George: I don't think so.

Kellen, What is your favorite play called?

Kellen: My favorite play is called Houdini. It is a fake fumble (did it against Oregon three years ago)

Biggest challenge going into the Georgia dome...???

George: It is a far away game for a netural site.

Kellen: I'd say the biggest challenge is just to stay relaxed and calm going into a first game.

Which NFL player do you guys try to emulate in each of your positions?

George: I emulate the late Sean Taylor of the Washington Redskins. RIP.

How excited is the team to play all of the new competition this year?

George: Very excited. New challenges, new faces! :)

What's the funnest thing you've done this summer?

George: We went paintballing with the team and I went Call-of-Duty style on them (dominated).


What was the selling point in recruiting you into Boise?

George: #WINNING, duh (Charlie Sheen voice)

Hey guys, what would be your theme song for this years team?

George: Last year was "All I Do is Win" so hopefully this year they make a remix called "All I Do is Win Some More" Lol

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