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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 7-26-11

U.S. military embraces Boise State garden gnome

Nice story by J Bates and the Channel 2 gang. Be safe out there, humans and lawn ornaments. 

Boise State's 2012 recruiting class ranked No. 45 by Rivals

That would be No. 45 in the country. This country.

Broncos given highest win projection by Vegas sportsbook

If you are into gambling / investing, you might want to consider placing money on Boise State winning more than 10.5 games this season. That's the number that Vegas bookies gave BSU for 2011, and if you think that's low, you'll feel a lot better knowing that 10.5 wins is the highest projection in all of Division I-A football. Invest wisely and with great aplomb.

New odds still have Boise State beating TCU like a rented mule

The Broncos are 14-point favorites, according to the Vegas Hilton. No sign of the odds for the Georgia game, which at last check were Boise State favored by one. Again, invest wisely and generously.

Updated list of all undrafted free agent signings

Check it out if you're interested in seeing where some notable college players ended up. And have a good laugh at the Saints picking up Fresno QB Ryan Colburn. Hilarious!

Get your tickets to Georgia vs. Boise State! Oh ... never mind.

The Georgia Bulldogs had 800 extra tickets to sell yesterday, and they did so in two minutes. Sorry about that.

Happy birthday

Happy birthday to Boise State DE Kharyee Marshall. May all your birthday wishes come true.

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