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Boise State football mailbag: Bandwagons, elitism, and anniversary gifts

The Boise State football team is on the minds of people everywhere, especially the people at the Yahoo Answers website. Their curiosity is insatiable! As such, I have volunteered to help out by incorporating the Yahoo site into the OBNUG mailbag. The following are actual questions submitted by actual persons. Click a question to enlarge it. Submit your own question at Yahoo Answers. Note: Do not trust Bama Andy.


Dear Elijah Salas,

Have you read the book Pilgrim's Progress? I haven't, but I imagine that it is the story of a pilgrim who sails from the Old World to the New World and faces many obstacles along the way, ultimately finding peace and comfort in America where he can starts a family and throws the first Thanksgiving. Such is your journey. Ending your bandwagon-hopping with Boise State is your destiny. Embrace it. You are 15 years old and have had nine different favorite teams in the past five years. The madness needs to stop. 

Also, I know some people who don't think too highly of Iowa


Dear Raymond Fenner,

Your idea has some great motivation behind it, but I think you could work on the details a little bit more, seeing as how I have no clue what you mean. Are you talking about a four-week playoff at the end of the season? Some sort of World Baseball Classic but for football? Are the Green Bay Packers eligible? I am eager to see where this idea could go.


Dear Andrew Clegg,

I think that the BCS sucks. You are not alone.


Dear Cutting Edge,

Assuming that the schedule determines the quality of a football team is a common fallacy that Boise State fans get a lot. Think of it this way: Would Einstein still have been considered a genius if he did a one-star Sudoku every now and then? Of course he would. Elite football programs will rise to the occasion when the situation calls for it.

Also, I resent your putting asterisks and caps lock on the Broncos' bye weeks. That was unnecessary.


Dear Ear Oritis,

You got me there. Kentucky would totally be in the Top Five in the Big East. You win this one. I'll get you next time!


Dear Harry Davies,

Sorry. No girls in Boise, Idaho. Try Pocatello.


Dear Kevin Griffin,

Thank you for your question. Shall I assume these rankings are based on my personal knowledge of each institution? 

  • Iowa State University - 3 - Pooped the bed at the BSU Pavilion once
  • University of Illinois at Chicago - 2 - Is this an Apollo College front?
  • DePaul University - 2 - For some reason, I thought this didn't exist anymore
  • Western Kentucky University - 4 - Best mascot ever
  • Roosevelt University - 1 - Never heard of it
  • University of Maryland - 4 - Good crab cakes
  • Boise State University - 5 - Like going to school in heaven
  • University of Arkansas - 3 - BBQ

I hope this helps.


Dear sballchicka,

I would like to think that I have similar tastes to a lot of Boise State football players, so here is what I would like for an anniversary gift: Fast Five on DVD, gift certificates to Buffalo Wild Wings, cash, anything for the Playstation 3, those shoes with the toes in them. Happy anniversary!


Dear R.C.,



Dear Ben Szczekot,

What an excellent question. The debate between bigger and stronger versus smaller and quicker is one that could take days to fully explain. I have found that the smaller, quicker players usually win out, provided they have the right offensive or defensive scheme. For instance, it does you no good to have a small, quick defensive line if your scheme calls for the D-linemen to hold the point of attack and not penetrate into the backfield. Boise State's offense and defense are finely tuned to take advantage of the types of players that the Broncos have. I would not expect Georgia to manhandle the Broncos in the trenches. We'll have to wait and see.