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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 7-19-11

I've seen a lot of cool things in my time, but this hat is awesome


I will gladly pay $50 for the hat, $50 for the shirt, and $50 to have Jarrell Root be my friend on Google+.

(via: Loque)

Kellen Moore named to Walter Camp player of the year watch list

And with that, the offseason watch list watching concludes. Now back to your regularly scheduled Boise State roster page refreshing.

(via: Pac 10 alum)

Boise State drafted in SB Nation's fake college football draft

In short, SB Nation's college blogs decided to re-draft the college football conferences based on reasons that matter to most people. In super short, they totally blew it by waiting nine rounds to draft the Broncos. Boise State now fictionally plays in the TMZ Conference with Ohio State, Florida State, Louisville, Michigan State, West Virginia, Maryland, Missouri, and Utah. 

(via: Acash1983)

WAC expansion may hinge on Big East expansion

Oh wait, I just remembered: We're in the Mountain West now and don't have to care about this daysoap drama anymore. Huzzah!

Georgia down another running back for opener against Boise State

The RB depth chart now looks like Isaiah Crowell and the apparition Mark Richt prayed for to spell Isaiah Crowell every third series.

(HT: Mikrino)

Boise State has nation's 51st-toughest schedule according to Phil Steele's calculator

And Phil Steele's calculator put a man on the moon, for crying out loud. Believe it.

Bruce Feldman picks Boise State's backfield as country's third best

Welcome back, Bruce.